The Heroes 7: Our Pledge to Nintendo fans

If you have been following gaming news for any length of time, you have heard that Nintendo is doomed.

It is not about games, it is not about consoles, it is not about the people worldwide who love Nintendo and their products.

It is about sales, it is about profits, it’s about complaining about every little thing the company does is another step towards it’s grave. The Wii remote was nothing more than a fad, a gimmick. PSVR is a real innovation.

This hypocrisy has become apparent, blatant, and disgusting, and it is time for all Nintendo fans to take a stand up against it. The reveal of the NX is looming, and it’s up to us to cut through the nonsense and cover content related to Nintendo’s games. Not how Nintendo is ‘irrelevant’ not how Nintendo is out of touch with it’s audiences, actually discussing their releases in depth. We are Nintendo fans, after all, and primarily care about games.

In the name of Nintendo!




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