My Problem with Nintendo Youtubers

I was asked today about why I dislike the TheLonelyGoomba despite not knowing very much about him. My response, essentially, amounted to my dislike of Nintendo related YouTubers in general. This may seem a bit like I’m being a bit too harsh, but I genuinely feel as if the Nintendo YouTube community, as a collective, is extremely toxic and something I am not supportive of in the least.

There are exceptions to this (I like Jwittz just fine, for example) but generally, I strongly dislike gaming channels that cover Nintendo content. And a big reason for that is due to my belief that the majority of these people create videos and content that are clearly meant to appeal to Pretendos, not actual fans.

In short, I dislike this notion among these kinds of people that Nintendo USED to be cool. Arlo, TheBitchBlock, and The Lonely Goomba all make videos surrounding the topic. It feels as if, to me, that this kind of person tries their hardest to find something to hate about Nintendo titles in order to make videos complaining about them being out of touch and not knowing what they’re doing.

You have people like Arlo crying about his favorite games getting spin offs, TheBitchBlock crying about how wants ‘real’ 3D platformers and not things like 3D World, you have Playeressence trying to talk shit about the SteamWorld Heist devs for trying to promote the Wii U port, and I hate it.

I HATE how they pretend great titles have crippling issues that hinder the experience. I hate how they pretend Color Splash suffers because of it’s combat, I hate them pretending as if Star Fox Zero didn’t control well, I hate them pretending that Paper Jam was boring, I hate them pretending that Devil’s Third was a bad game, I hate them crying about censorship, I hate them crying about not having games to play, and I HATE them pretending as if NX will fix all of their issues with the company.

The problem is with them, and how they only seem to care about whether or not a project will do well and not whether it will be fun to play. I don’t think anyone on Youtube gave Codename S.T.E.A.M the coverage it deserved. I see people whine and cry about the Koopalings being in Color Splash because because they want ‘new’ villains. I see people cry about not having new IPs while Nintendo spent a good portion of 2015 on nothing BUT new IPs.

I see people beg for a Metroid game and reject it for being too different.

I see people beg for a Star Fox game and reject it for being too much like 64.

It is simply, in my mind, impossible to take the Youtube community seriously. It’s a circlejerk of fanboys who refuse to allow anyone to have fun in order to pretend as if they have some kind of authority over real fans. These people, Pretendos, like to pretend as if they are being fair in their criticisms towards the company, when nearly all of them are close to pointless. They like to pretend they are being fair minded by being harsh towards the company for any thing that can possibly be seen as a mistake. “Now wasn’t the time for a Metroid spin off, Star Fox is dead because no one wants to buy rail shooters, the Wii U gamepad was a terrible idea and sales show that!”

It doesn’t come off as genuine talk among fans to me. It comes off as people that desperately want to be taken seriously and will come up with outlandish statements to be seen as such.

But people respond to this Nintendoom talk. People subscribe to their channels, like their content, talk to them on social media, just to keep the narrative going. I hate that, I really do. And one of the big reasons why I wanted to start creating my own content was to call these people out.

I really hate the fact that the online community has become something that is more about anticipating new products instead of enjoying the things we already have. It comes off as if the ‘hardcore’ online community is more concerned about backing the winning team and not actually all that invested in playing and enjoying games.

We’ve seen this in the bizarre pushback in the community against Nintendo’s new changes. Seeing these supposedly ‘hardcore’ players struggle with motion controls has been really eye opening to me about what these people actually are. They are frauds, plain and simple. And I hate them for it.

I’ve said this before, but let me see this one time. We will see these people who are spending their days hyping up the NX, a gaming platform they know nothing about, turn their backs on it the instant it is actually revealed. Because it will be something new, something unconventional, something designed to take advantage of the changes in the current market. Not just a Nintendo Playstation Pro.

These people will come crawling back if the console is a success (I’m glad to see Nintendo fix their mistakes!) and won’t if they don’t (We all knew it would fail!) but I think it’s important to highlight just how much of a bandwagon the Pretendo community really is. Nobody really thinks Miyamoto needs to be fired or that Reggie should be replaced… people said that about Iwata, and look where we are now. What I want to highlight, here in this blog, is that the Pretendo community is comprised of fair weather fans. They support Nintendo when it’s the cool thing to do, but hate them when they don’t. It’s that simple. They don’t know anything about the company, the people who make the games, or even understand the games all that well. They simply don’t care, and that’s why I hate them so much.

I’m playing my first ever Dragon Quest came right now, and I’m loving it.



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