Where are our third party ports?

It’s really interesting, to me, to see people act like the Wii U being underpowered is the primary cause for the lack of any real support from third parties.

If that was true, than where are all of our ports of seventh gen classics that Wii missed out on? This seemed like an easy sell to me… promote the Wii U was a Wii upgrade that could actually play a lot of seventh gen classics. It would have been a great way to get overlooked projects noticed on new hardware. In fact, we’re seeing quite a lot of ports like that on non Nintendo next gen consoles. In fact, I’d say remastered versions of old content far outstrips original output this gen and is a big reason why people think it’s been a very underwhelming generation so far.

So why didn’t Wii U get the same ports?

“Because of poor sales!”

Right out of the gate? Really?

It would have been reasonable to see third parties release collections of old games on Nintendo hardware to incite people into checking out those versions of the game. We shouldn’t have gotten Batman: Arkham City. We should have gotten the first and second game. We shouldn’t have just gotten Mass Effect 3. We should have gotten the entire trilogy, launching alongside the Dead Space trilogy. We should have gotten Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, The Evil Within, anything would have helped cement the Wii U as having a solid line up.

But that didn’t happen. For no real reason.

People have made excuses. Nintendo is hard to work with, the gamepad gets in the way, porting games is HARD… but none of it is true. Third parties constantly make up excuses to keep their games off of Nintendo hardware, because they know that a Nintendo dominated industry is one that they CANNOT compete in.



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