Emily Rogers: The NX Mario game Miyamoto confirmed is a NX Mario game for NX.

One of the funniest things I’ve noticed about the NX is how all of these ‘leakers’ are at contradicting each other at every turn. SuperMetalDave and Emily Rogers are constantly coming out with nonsensical statement after nonsensical statement, each trying to out do each other in the hype olympics. Both constantly shit on each other on twitter, and it’s glorious to watch.

I really feel like Emily is losing a lot of her influence. I don’t think casual observers will continue buying her vague statements like ‘A MARIO GAME MIGHT BE ON NX.” and “YOU WILL SEE A NEW IP.” It’s simply not specific enough to be interesting, and it’s killing her relevancy. I know she has die hard supporters, but I think she peaked in relevancy a long time ago. You can’t bring up her name without mentioning all the things she’s been wrong about over the years, and I think it’s because of her actions and influence that ‘leakers’ have become an insanely lucrative way for channels that no one cares about to attract a steady user base. Looking at you, Dave.


Nothing Emily talks about is something that a really dedicated enthusiast couldn’t figure out for themselves. I myself have been talking about how ridiculous that Dave believes that power = success, but Emily is… well…emily-rogers-nx-info

Just like your reliable Zelda leaks?


If you were so reliable with your information, we would know more things about it than Nintendo let us in on. If you were so reliable, we would know everything there is to know about it already.

I will make SURE you regret that tweet, Emily. We know you’re making it all up, after all. I really don’t think Emily can take another hit to her credibility. She already lost a lot of support following her Zelda ‘leak,’ which was the biggest statement she’s made all year. She can’t really recover unless she gets something right, but people like me are more then well aware of how she operates by now. People who follow her will not be fooled again, I assure you.



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