Nintendo Switch haters are a (Not so) vocal minority!

It seems like Switch has been well received by the community at large despite the naysayers.

Really, from what I’m seeing the only people who genuinely have an issue with the Switch are those that genuinely hate Nintendo. YouTubers in particular, who generally can’t monetize their content as easily. DSP, JonTron, Pewdiepie, and that retard TheGamingBritshow all tried damage controlling the situation but… uh, actually drowned out by all the genuine excitement from the community. I’ve also seen a lot of hate from the announcement article on Nichegamer. I think they were triggered by the idea of a console that you could with you outside.

In other words, the only people who seem to hate Switch are the same people who don’t really like or play video games anyway. I’m seeing a lot of naysayers try to pretend that Skyrim isn’t actually coming to Switch (Which is coming from an out of context Bethesda quote… expect a lot of that in the coming months!) and this myth that it’s underpowered and will only run seventh generation games.

So it’s about on par with PS4 and Xbox One.

All kidding aside, complaints are very far and few between and are coming from people actively trying to nitpick.  Switch is, in my opinion, the best possible move Nintendo could have made. I’ll elaborate on this more as we learn more about it, but the general idea is that third parties are NOT going to be able to refuse support for this console because of it’s unique functionality. One that Sony and Microsoft can not compete with.

And I think the customers (the REAL customers, not the faggots who cry about everything online) understand the appeal of the Switch and are making plans to… switch… over to Nintendo. Seven million views in a single day, tweets that outstrip the presidential debate, overshadowing RDR2…

It’s all looking very positive for the Switch, and I think that as Nintendo reveals new games, more people  will be won over by it. It’s going to be successful. How much so, I cannot say. Could it outperform the Wii? I doubt it, but I think it will do reasonably well for itself and really damage the illusion that Playstation is this unstoppable titan. That image is all Playstation really has at this point.

In short, I feel like Switch is well on it’s way to being a success.






2 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch haters are a (Not so) vocal minority!”

  1. Do you feel that Nintendo will dish out the final specifics about the Switch in January? They said that they won’t be revealing more information about it for the rest of this year, presumably due to Nintendo wanting to focus more on their holiday season in the short term. A bit of a bummer since I thought they’d drip feed more information about it each month, but as a plus, that also means that the wait for more information won’t take that long (around 2-3 months), compared to say, the Wii U after its E3 2011 reveal (an entire year until E3 2012), which also means less opportunities from the media and analysts (especially the type of Youtubers that you mentioned above) to downplay the system with misinformation and negativity, considering how positive the Switch reveal was overall.


    1. I think Nintendo will start making regular announcements starting next year expanding on what was shown in this trailer.

      So what I think is going to happen is that Nintendo is going to slowly introduce people to the various new functions of Switch outside of the core gimmick of Switching from console to handheld, alongside giving hard details on upcoming games.

      I think you’re right. I think Nintendo will refute Pretendo concerns about the library by having third party partners announce their titles in their own events. I think this may be why Bethesda refused to clarify on what what going on with Skyrim Switch, actually. Doing so will ensure that Switch is constantly in the news as a supported, popular console among third party developers.

      I really don’t think Pretendo YouTubers can do much when Nintendo actually reveals information. Everyone I’ve seen try to criticize the Shift got absolutely BTFO by their viewers, and I don’t think that trend is going to change on the way to launch.

      But believe me, they are already trying. I’ve already caught Emily Rogers and Laura Kate Dale trying to fabricate a story about the batteries being poor, but I think a simple press release from Nintendo would destroy the rumor before it even gets started.

      Pretendos had a lot of free reign for the past few years, but that was because they were coasting along on the Wii U not being popular. Now that the new Nintendo thing is going to be successful, they’re going to a lot of trouble keeping up the momentum they’re used to. People will start calling them out more often, their subscribers will abandon them, rival channels like our own will laugh at them for their nonsense…

      They won’t be the ‘cool’ opinion anymore; and likely won’t ever be again.


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