The Ethical Standards of Nintendo Leakers

Seeing Emily Rogers try and pretend as if she ‘correctly’ leaked Switch related information irritates me. So I thought, instead of talking about length about how she’s a fraud, I would write up an ethical standard that ALL LEAKERS have to abide by.

Yes, Emily. I’m going to start holding you  to real standards.

I. If you make a claim, be prepared to describe in depth what the claim means. Being vague or stating the obvious is not acceptable. I no longer what to see ‘Mario is coming to the NX!’ And see you retweet yourself on twitter so that everyone can see you were right.

For example, the Eurogamer leak detailing the NX controller design is actually what we wanted to see. Even if we didn’t get the whole picture, it was something to talk about. Emily and her cronies generally do not do this. They come up with something that sounds plausible and try to run with it.

II. Stop making shit up. Now, Emily, this may come as a bit of a shock to you, but I know full well that you’re full of shit. Check out this passage from your blog:

” There will be plenty of debates over the NX’s specs because it’s not simple to directly compare two apples (with x86 architecture) to an orange (that doesn’t use x86 architecture). But everything that I’ve heard (so far) indicates that NX isn’t going to blow away any of the consoles on the market today…except for Wii U.”

Switch visuals look indistinguishable from Wii U ones. MK9 looks like it reuses a lot of assets, for example. How funny that you, with your insider sources, didn’t know that until a more reliable leak came along.

There’s also the problem of you and your cronies trying your hardest to make beloved Nintendo employees look bad with no actual proof. Liam’s ‘Miyamoto LAUGHED at Platinum for asking to include Krystal!’ is a pretty good example, but I’m also getting annoyed at you pushing the ‘battery life is TERRIBLE!’ rumor. If the batteries are dying, charge them. It’s not complicated.

III. Stop taking credit for nothing.. Emily is generally only ‘right’ when there’s some kind of way for her to get a hold of publicly available information that others failed to notice. For example, her announcing that a new Paper Mario was coming out was due to someone at Intelligent Systems talking about it  at a convention, long before it’s formal announcement. Good luck seeing Emily admit to that, though. Pretty much all of her statements amount to mere investigative work, actually that anyone can do. I would say Boogie2988 stated about as much as she ever did about NX when he was asked about it, and he wasn’t even investigating it. The information about what Switch was was floating around since July, which is coincidentally around the same time Emily started making hard statements about it. It’s almost like she was right about NX because… we knew what it already was.

Look at what happened to Zelda. People in the industry were convinced that Linkle was a thing in Breath of the Wild and Emily made a statement confirming it. What resulted was the biggest blunder she’s been involved with for a while, especially when Aonuma confirmed they never even considered it, but thought about making Zelda playable instead.

IV.Stop making new statements immediately before or after big reveals.

Emily thought she was being clever by announcing that trailer was dropping sometime this week, but why is that the only times she ever makes definitive statements about something Nintendo is doing is when they publicly reveal information themselves?

It’s almost like she’s making up new nonsense with every reveal to keep her fans interested in what SHE’S SAYING, not what Nintendo is saying.

And that brings me to my last point:


Rogers never talks about games, and I think a big reason for that is is that’s a lot harder getting people involved in game development to break NDA’s. She can get people to give a vague desciption of what NX is weeks after we knew already, sure, but they obviously weren’t actual people working at Nintendo.She doesn’t seem to know a whole lot about game development… she seems to think the Mario Kart game shown is 8 with extra content instead of a sequel, for example, same with Splatoon.

So why doesn’t she talk about games, ever?

Because she doesn’t actually HAVE sources on the inside. If she talks to anyone at the company, it’s low level marketing people who don’t know shit. She has NEVER, in all the leaks I’ve seen from her, accurately describe what the upcoming release schedule looks like. Remember her infamous 2011 leak, where she claimed Soul Calibur IV, Endless Ocean 3, and GTAV were all coming to Wii U?


Her rants about Star Fox are always amusing (RAIL SHOOTERS ARE A DEAD GENRE!) and I seem to remember she had bizarre ideas on what the Gamecube was like as well, although I confess I don’t quite remember where I read that.

So there you have it. Follow these steps, don’t be like Emily Rogers, and you too can be a Nintendo Leaker we actually like and appreciate.






One thought on “The Ethical Standards of Nintendo Leakers”

  1. “I seem to remember she had bizarre ideas on what the Gamecube was like as well, although I confess I don’t quite remember where I read that.”
    That came from her previous blog Dromble, where she had an article that purportedly covered the “secrets” of the Gamecube’s history and its failure and it was heavily slanted against Nintendo, trying to tie this back to how the Wii U was a similar “failure”. I think it was called “A Dolphin’s Tale” and it featured quotes from Yamauchi taken out of context as a way to shit on him for being a “hypocrite” just like her infamous smear piece on Iwata. She also had an article on NotEnoughShaders back when it was still up where she interviewed a former marketer at NOA regarding the struggles of marketing the Gamecube and that had lots of leading questions that were slanted too.

    There were also interviews with former developer employees on Dromble where she gave leading questions regarding the Wii U and Nintendo, likely expecting negative doom and gloom responses from them, including Dan Adelman who answered one of her leading questions with a claim that the name was all to blame for the Wii U’s struggles. Worth checking out to laugh at her ridiculous arguments.

    I was planning to eventually write an article on Disqus on how the similar Sean Malstrom and Emily Rogers were in attracting a following at the start of their “journalism” careers. In this case, posting articles that defended the Wii/Wii U (For Emily, it was the “Rise of Costs, The Fall of Gaming” article) near the start of the system’s life as it was receiving ridicule from gamers and the media, then proceeding to talk shit about the system and its games sometime afterwards, only defending it when it’s convenient (i.e. Sean defending Wii Music, but shitting on Super Mario Galaxy), then going completely insane at the end of the system’s life and becoming an all out Nintendo hater (Emily hasn’t become as outspoken in her insanity as Sean though, but has used some of his words in her articles and Sean has commented on them occasionally). Unfortunately, life keeps getting in the way of that, so I put it on hold for the time being.


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