Greatness Awaits: The big list of PS4 bombs!

You may not know this, but Playstation 4 is shaping up to be a disaster.

This may come as a bit of a shock to certain readers, but Playstation 4 is not doing nearly as well as Sony wants to pretend it is. To this day, there has never truly been a ‘great’ game for the PS4. Instead fans have been told, every E3, that the next gen starts ‘now’ but it never does. Most of the games that Sony showed in E3 2015, the one they ‘obviously’ one were no where to be seen in E3 2016.

The one game that is generally agreed on as being great is Bloodborne, and that’s only one game. People mock the Wii U for supposedly not having anything great, but in the first year we had Nintendoland, NSMBU, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, and a number of other great games.

All PS4 has is Bloodborne and a number of games you can also get on older hardware. I, personally, was shocked when I learned like Dragon Ball Xenoverse got a port to last gen hardware. But we’re not talking about good games today. Today, we are talking about the worst. The games that the industry has curiously completely forgotten in the years following the bad taste in all of our mouths.

As a bit of an aside, calling this the ‘big’ list of disappointing PS4 games specifically is resulting in… lackluster results. Because nearly all the games I see on this list of PS4 releases, such as Assassin’s Creed Unity, The Division, Destiny, and countless others were multiplats. This really goes to show just how little PS4 really brought to the table this gen.

Nearly all of the exclusives I did find are some of the worst titles put out this gen.


Remember back when the PS4 launched and the two games people were most stoked about were Knack and Octodad? Years later, Octodad has been ported to Wii U (I FUCKING HATED IT WHY DOES IT HAVE A FOLLOWING?) and Knack has been completely forgotten entirely.

There is a good reason for that. Despite being touted as a return to the Crash Bandicoot style, players found the game extremely tedious, simplistic, and boring. I personally played it at a demo station at launch and marveled at how bad it was.From what I remember, it was being pushed by Sony to try and compete with Super Mario 3D World, and despite lots of ‘journalists’ claiming that Knack actually far outsold 3D World, that turned out to not be the case and Knack went on to become a bit of a joke among the communtiy. For about a year after the PS4 launched, Knack was the game most often associated with the PS4’s lack of quality content.


People would rather have no games at all than play Knack. Let that sink in. 

Attitudes towards the PS4 changed around the time that Bloodborne came out and people were able to pretend that it was ‘good enough,’ but the stigma towards Knack itself stayed. The game is commonly thought of as one of the most poorly received launch titles this generation, and a pretty strong indication of what was to come for the PS4.

No Man’s Sky

What about No Man’s Sky hasn’t already been said? I think the gaming community has arrived at a consensus at this point and finally came to the conclusion I arrived at from the very beginning. This game was all hype, no substance.

I could sit here all day and talk about all the missing features, content, and outright lies about how the game works from the developers, but  there is a perfectly functional blog for that.

The list of outright lies the developers came up with regarding the game are disgusting, and I am certainly not denying that Hello Games is made up of frauds. I do believe, however, that people are overlooking another guilty party. Those responsible for promoting the game in the first place.


Hello Games weren’t forking over millions of dollars to promote their game on talk shows like Colbert. They weren’t the ones ‘encouraging’ journalists to talk about how exciting the game was without presenting any actual gameplay. They weren’t behind any of the shady, actual marketing.That was all on Sony.

People vastly underestimate just how much faith Sony had in NMS doing well. This was one of the first big PS4 exclusives I remember them trying to promote, before even Bloodborne was announced. I remember seeing them showing it off at the VGX and mocking it for looking like shit.

The fact that it was Tropical Freeze that got attacked at that show for being ‘underwhelming’ infuriates me to this day.

No Man’s Sky is very possibly the biggest gaming blunder of the decade, and one of the very few that the gaming public is acknowledging. I hope that you will start to connect the dots soon. Hello Games are not the ONLY ones responsible for lying to you.

Street Fighter V

This is definitely one of the big bombs for the platform, one that not a whole lot of people are talking about due to Sony successful managing to brush the issue under the rug.

Our friends at Capcom thought it would be a brilliant idea to release an unfinished game for full price. Now, I am not a Street Fighter fan, but even I was amazed at the sheer amount of bullshit that people who bought the game day one had to go through. Modes were missing, the game didn’t play well, long time favorite characters weren’t playable, and there wasn’t even a single player mode.

How did the fanboys brush this under the rug, you ask? They acted as if Capcom releasing the game in this state was to give tournament players the time they needed to practice and put on a good show at EVO. Yes, really. According to these people, the game would update with free new content periodically. It was no different than what Nintendo did with Splatoon.

Except keep in mind that Splatoon’s devs were very forthcoming in describing how the game’s content would be released. They said that the ranking mode wouldn’t be released until a set number of players hit a certain level, and then released new stage and weapons frequently over a matter of months to keep players invested. Street Fighter V’s ‘update plan’ wasn’t a plan. It was a scam, meant to cajole players into buying an unfinished game at full price.

Thankfully, it seems that the majority of players have not bought into it. Sales for the game screeched to a halt after launch, and even having their precious EVO shown on television didn’t do a lot to win over new fans. Capcom is stuck in a position where they have to keep supporting a game that has a terrible reputation. I do not see them salvaging this game unless they do a complete re-release, but even then I think they’ll have to go above and beyond to win back the fans. This is very possibly franchise killer material, Capcom can NOT afford fuck ups like this.

The Order: 1886

A game so bad, wikipedia completely forgot it exists. It’s not on either of the lists of PS4 games, and there is a good reason for that. It can’t really be considered a ‘game’ in the traditional sense of the word.

Much like other player reviled titles like David Cage’s works, the Order 1886 is a cutscene driven mess. Playstation is quickly becoming a brand that film school dropouts who can’t hack it in actual film making circles are drawn too, and boy does it show. I’ve been very vocal about my distaste for Naughty Dog’s recent output (Including Uncharted 4 and TLOU) but smaller studios, like Ready at Dawn, do the same thing but much worse.

Whereas Uncharted 4’s gameplay is boring and uninspired, The Order’s gameplay is practically non existent. And I do mean non existent. At most, you will press buttons during QTEs and move from location to location. It’s short, boring, and not even a good film.

Until Dawn

The same thing but worse. I know some YouTubers are fond of the game because of it’s appeal for streamers (Much like FNAF or Undertale) But among actual players it’s generally regarded as not being much different than The Order.

It’s kind of amazing to look through an official release list of PS4 games and see just how bare bones the library really is. Keep in mind this list was geared towards Playstation exclusives specifically. I didn’t even touch the big disasters this gen like Destiny or Watch Dogs.

This is ‘winning’ a generation? Please. People were just tricked into believing there weren’t better options.








2 thoughts on “Greatness Awaits: The big list of PS4 bombs!”

  1. Don’t even get me started on the “niche” Japanese Playstation exclusives that rarely sell over 10k units here and are by and large, total derivative garbage that are full of uncomfortable “fan-service” and are mostly ammo for Niche Garmin users to bash Nintendo (looking at you, PQube, Compile Heart and Marvelous). It’s practically enough to give their systems a negative stigma if it wasn’t for games like Persona 5, Bloodborne (and the Souls games), Sonic 2017, KHIII, SFV and FFXV existing, because otherwise, they’d practically represent the system’s entire Japanese output overall. Who even wants to play on their PS4s, a game where you make underaged girls orgasm and boast about it online?

    Seriously, fuck anyone who actually bought a PS4 or Vita just to play these games in order to spite Nintendo for their “censorship”.


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