What games do you want to see on the Switch?

The big January reveal is only a couple of months away, and I thought it would be fun to make an article speculating about things we want to see.

A Star Fox Zero sequel

Definitely one of the disappointment’s this year was Star Fox Zero’s… reception. The game really did not catch among fans due to a number of Youtubers crying about how much it sucked which scared away Wii U owners. The game itself is a lot of fun despite the nonsensical complaints lobbied towards it. I want to see more of that.

I don’t care what retards like Arlo or Emily Rogers think: Zero was a step in the right direction and we need more of that.

An F-Zero X sequel

Much like Metroid and Star Fox, F-Zero is one of those franchises that people pretend to like and then won’t actually buy when a sequel gets made. I’m not like them, and I have been hotly anticipating a true successor to F-Zero X since I completely cleared everything the game had to offer several years ago.

The one thing I absolutely do NOT want is those hacks at Sega getting another crack at it. GX, despite it’s following of dedicated fans who think broken gameplay = challenging, I think it sucks and is one of the all time worst entries in an established Nintendo franchise. X, on the other hand, still looks and plays great.

Mario Kart 8 made me realize that the talent to make a truly great F-Zero game is still there, they just need to go out and do it.

Fast Racing NEO is great, but it’s not what I’m looking for in my futuristic racer.

Devil’s Third Black

It’s pretty much an open secret that Devil’s Third is not the disaster that YouTubers liked to pretend it was. Despite it’s technical shortcomings in visuals, the game offered a lot of creative mechanics and memorable moments. It just didn’t have that chance to be as polished as it should have been due to it’s extremely lengthy and troubled development cycle.

I, however, still really liked the game and it really made me interested in Itagaki’s past work. I have not had the chance to try Ninja Gaiden Black yet due to Xbox’s retarded backwards compatibility policy, but it will be a day one purchase for me when it does launch.

So why not rerelease Devil’s Third with more polish? The game itself is perfectly fine, it was just a victim of an insane string of coincidences that really killed off any interest in the game before launch. A lot of the game’s backstory and characters were untapped by the main story. I would really like to see stages where you can, say, get to know the people you are sent to kill. And again, the multiplayer remains great. You could even release the F2P version of the multiplayer on Switch, and update it every once in a while to keep people playing, like they’re doing now with Lost Reavers.

I really would like to see this game expanded on in some way, because I really feel like there’s a lot of things the devs can do with it.

Kirby 64 2

One of the things that amazes me about Kirby games these days is that the mechanic that I grew up with, the mix and match power ups of 64, was not a series staple and was merely a gimmick of a few games of that area. This is really mind blowing to me, because one of my favorite past times playing through that game was mixing and matching all these different power ups and trying to see which ones did what.

I still haven’t beaten the true final boss of 64 to this day, as I was young and stupid and didn’t realize that there was a true ending, but the recent 3DS entries, fun as they are, don’t use that mechanic at all, instead focusing on giving more moves to traditional powers. That’s fine… I really liked both Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot, but I think the next one should incorporate combining powers again.

A 3D Yoshi game

To this day, we have never gotten a true 3D Yoshi game. Yoshi’s Island is my personal all time favorite game, and I always felt like a lot of the mechanics would be really interesting to see in 3D environments.

A Wario Land and WarioWare sequels

I think following this recent crying about how New Super Mario Bros games are rehashes, now is a great time to reintroduce the Wario Land games. Imagine the game starting up with a Princess getting kidnapped, only for Wario to raid her castle for treasure? Hilarious.

Bonus points if the Princess from Shake It! is involved. Honestly, I really wish she had become a Wario staple. I love her design and could see her coming back for revenge against Wario for taking her treasure.

WarioWare, on the other hand, needs to find a way to pad the games out. I love these games, I think they’re great, but like Rhythm Heaven they are way too short and generally best used as party games.

Speaking of party games…

Bring back Nintendoland!

I don’t care what anyone says. Nintendoland was a fantastic launch title that kept us playing all year. It’s an absolute crime that the game was overlooked as it was because the game, to this day, offers the best gamepad multiplayer on the console.

I love how people were fine with the Federation Force when it was called Metroid Blast, by the way.

Launching a new title in the series to promote the real life Nintendoland they are working on RIGHT NOW would be a brilliant move. Imagine running around a virtual recreation of the actual park to select your attraction? It would get people hyped to see the real thing someday!

Codename S.T.E.A.M. 

We all know it’s coming, even if there are those in denial about it. Codename S.T.E.A.M was a stellar strategy game and it would be a shame to not see it return in some form on the Switch with an expanded cast, a new story, and new features. I think it has the potential to be a cult hit, personally.

I wouldn’t say no to a new Advance or Battalion Wars either, but I have a soft spot for Codename S.T.E.A.M.


This goes without saying, but a lot of the best new games released so far this generation have been from new talent. Splatoon, the upcoming Ever Oasis, and others have really charmed a lot of people due to their unique gameplay. I want to see more people brought onboard to work on games like that.

What would you like to see? Please, please, please let me know!




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