Sony backtracks on PS4 Pro damage control: Developers WILL be allowed to charge for patches!

One of the very first things that people noticed about the PS4 is that supposedly, it would be able to showcase more impressive graphics by releasing patches for titles already on the market.

But wait a minute, observant players cried. Why would developers put in the effort to develop higher quality visuals for a completely different piece of hardware? Wouldn’t that take man power and time to do? And won’t that cost money?

Sony, however, assured us that PS4 Pro patches would be completely free. Something that has recently become apparent is not necessarily the case for upcoming titles, merely titles that have already been released. In short, Sony is expecting their customers to buy a useless piece of hardware, and then pay for slightly better visuals. Do they really think that people will go for that?

I, personally, strongly doubt it. In my opinion, Sony is funneling money into old software to try to give it a second wind. Notice how Bloodborne isn’t on their list of ‘remastered’ titles, but Knack is? Their actions with Pro reek of desperation. They are not doing nearly as well with PS4 as they want people to think, and are desperate to find new ways of getting idiots to pay them. We already know that a big reason Sony has managed to turn a profit in these last few years is because they started charging for online play, but eventually the weight of their other mistakes, such as killing off every developer that doesn’t meet their expectations, creating worthless tech like PSVR or PS4 Pro, and not actually providing quality content will DESTROY them.

We’re going to see a bit of a weird situation when Switch launches when the market naturally gravitates to the Switch due to it being a real innovation in gaming. Sony, despite supposedly selling forty million units, will suddenly see sales of their games drop even further, forcing them to put out a cheap copy cat system. No matter how good the tech for it is, it’ll be another PS Move and die in less than a year. Sony will quickly run out of options, especially since third parties are going to be forced to develop for Switch since sales for all of their titles have dropped like a rock this gen.

The Pro, I think, is the beginning of the end for them. I strongly suspect that the NES Mini will outsell it this holiday, and the Switch will out pace it through out next year. Their golden goose will suddenly become a weight on their shoulders as they constantly are forced to release new add ons and peripherals to PS4 to keep it relevant.

I strongly suspect there will actually be real demand for ports of old content on Switch due to being a portable, and it’ll amusing seeing games like Skyrim go one to do really well on it because of that. Keep in minds ports of last gen content is all PS4 really has these days. Remember, it’s biggest release this year was probably Persona 5, and that also launched on PS3. Taking that away from them is a big deal.

And better yet, I think Nintendo knows it’s in a position to take out Sony for good. It’s really not a coincidence they are going after their core demographic now… young adults who like games. Being one myself, I instantly saw the value in carrying something like Switch around with me, since I’m often out of the house taking care of my various responsibilities. I’ve really wanted to be able to carry console games around with me for a while now, and now Switch is offering that to me.

Switch will crush Playstation, once and for all. And it’s all because Sony doesn’t know what people want.


3 thoughts on “Sony backtracks on PS4 Pro damage control: Developers WILL be allowed to charge for patches!”

  1. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see the can of worms opening from this! I can almost see third-parties eventually making people pay for PS4 Pro upgrades, particularly Western developers who’ll do everything to sugarcoat their claims with “proof” of better images with the resolution bump and especially the Japanese developers and their fanservice games, who are infamous for nickel and diming otaku schmucks with abusive levels of DLC. They’ll probably make you pay up to $20 just to see your waifus in 4K resolution! Disgusting.

    I’m surprised that you aren’t mentioning the fan service games as part of the PS4’s (and Vita’s) library. It’s incredibly disturbing to see this much junk from Japanese developers on there that’s not major franchises from them, and it alone could sink the system’s reputation over here if Sony wasn’t so fixated with Western audience as they are now. It alone could warrant an article.


    1. Those games don’t particular interest me. Like, maybe if I would do an article on one if, say, Sony fans started saying they were better than Fire Emblem because they are uncensored, but otherwise I’m perfectly happy just ignoring them.


      1. I guess you’re saying then is that the people who actually play those types of games on Sony systems in the West are an extreme minority, and most of those who are bitching about Nintendo’s games don’t even play their games nor the fan service drek that are on Sony’s system. So they’re not worth an entire article then.

        Back on topic, I honestly can’t wait for how much of a shitshow this year’s Playstation Experience will be based on the fact that Sony’s currently in panic mode right now. And how they’re desperately trying to entice people to see it through offering Game Awards tickets, SFV tournaments, more PS VR and PS4 Pro trash, games that could’ve mattered years ago being announced now, and more Vita baiting (I hate Gio Corsi’s guts so much for that).


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