NES classic is the hot item this year



This seems suspiciously like Wii fever. I’m wondering how hard it’s going to be to get your hands on one of these things in the future.

Keep in mind it’s not hardcore Nintendo fans who are lining up for this thing: I myself am not lined up for one because I really have better things I need to get done. I also own the majority of these games on other hardware. No, these are the ‘casual’ fans, the fans who like Nintendo but don’t revolve their lives around talking about the company on the internet.
The same audience Pretendos claim Nintendo ‘lost’ after the Wii era due to the rise of smart phones. If these people were only interested in smart phone games, as it has long been claimed… why are they lining up in droves for a hot new Nintendo product?

I think it’s safe to say at this point that NES Classic will be extremely successful and compete with PS4 this holiday season. And then Switch will take it to the next level in March, once all the ‘big’ PS4 releases are forgotten. And it’s all due to the strength of Nintendo’s brand.






One thought on “NES classic is the hot item this year”

  1. I wonder if any of these people complaining about shortages for this even lived through the Wii/DS eras when shortages were practically commonplace at its peak? Nintendo has stated that restocks are going to happen throughout the rest of the year, so it’s possible that artificial shortages were done to build up demand. They just aren’t patient enough.

    I saw a lot of people line up in the morning in front of my local EB Games for the NES Classic and they later said that everyone who lined up all got their systems and they’re all sold out for the time being. A good sign perhaps.


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