Laura Kate Dale: Please, please pay attention to me!

Laura Kate Dale has come up with another ‘rumor’ this time concerning the Switch’s price.

However, something about her story seems rather… familiar…

“Another piece of the Nintendo Switch puzzle may have just been unwittingly revealed by toy retail giant Toys’R’Us. Although many parts of the hybrid handheld console remains a mystery, one of the most important question is its price. And that has been kindly provided by the company’s Canadian website. The good news is that it isn’t as high as current gen consoles, like the PS4, Xbox One, or even the soon retired Wii U. The bad news is that the price might actually be a reflection of what the console’s hardware is capable of.

The idea of a gaming console that you can take anywhere with you, without being limited to handheld titles, is definitely mouth-watering to any avid gamer. That is practically the promise that the Nintendo Switch is making, at least when it lands next year. Expectations, however, need to be tempered with reality and technical limitations, especially given some recent revelations and leaks about the device.

NVIDIA was only too happy to boast that it’s chip drives both general and graphics processing of the console. After all, it is finally its chance to join the fray, with AMD running inside both the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One. However, given the form it takes, it is NVIDIA’s mobile Tegra processor that is inside. Not a GeForce plus Intel CPU. A Tegra. The very same line of processors found inside Android tablets.

In fact, parallels are being drawn between the Nintendo Switch and the NVIDIA SHIELD, though the former will definitely boast of higher specs. In short, as far as hardware is concerned, the Switch might actually be a customized tablet running a customized Nintendo OS. Which is probably a good thing if it means it will have a multi-touch screen as well.

As for that price, Toys’R’Us Canada puts it at 329.99 CAD, which is roughly $245. That is about the price of a mid to high end Android tablet as well. Naturally, no mention of shipping date, but Nintendo itself promises to provide that information early next year.”

As always, Laura Kate Dale and Emily Rogers are piggybacking off of mishandled information and pretending as if they ‘leaked’ it. I can verify that this story came out first and makes no mention of Laura or her retarded blog.

So what can we infer from this?

Emily Rogers spends all of her free time looking for stories like this that she can use to try and establish credibility. The infamous Zelda ‘You can play as a girl!” tweet came about because she felt that Aonuma giving an interview acknowledging it was certainly a possibility was an outright confirmation. It wasn’t.


The most reliable insider in the industry.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: Rogers and Laura do NOT HAVE INSIDER INFORMATION. If they did, they would be able to provide more interesting information on a much more frequent basis than what they usually provide. Seeing Laura Kate Dale try to piggy back off of Eurogamer’s rumors and now this Toys R’ Us leak really shows just how reliant he is on other people to do ‘leak’ information for them.



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