Emily Rogers: Zelda may not come out in March!



I swear I’ll never get tired of posting this image.

Anyway, I think this is just another repeat of the Devil’s Third situation. Nintendo not having an official launch date listed ‘yet’ is encouraging her to come out and make a lot of bullshit statements concerning the game’s development.

For those of you who aren’t aware, some time last year Emily Rogers made a statement concerning the release of Devil’s Third in NA that NOA wanted nothing to do with it and that it would be published by Xseed. It was debunked in less than a day, by both Itagaki and NOA.

It’s very possible Zelda might be delayed, but I personally doubt it. I think they’re just waiting to surprise naysayers like her who insist it’s going to be delayed again. We probably won’t know for sure until the Switch reveal in January, but keep in mind… there’s a Wii U version of the game as well. Any later than launch window makes no sense to me because of that reason alone.

I’d also like to point out her claim that the game runs better on Switch. This is one of the things she’s been pushing the most so it’ll be interesting to see if she turns out to be completely wrong.

Anyway, fuck Gamexplain for continuing to post everything this retard posts and pretending as if it’s news.


One thought on “Emily Rogers: Zelda may not come out in March!”

  1. Additionally, fuck the people who picked up Emily’s rumor on Devil’s Third being published by XSeed because they later claimed that XSeed was pissed that Nintendo “broke” their deal to publish that game after buying Tamaki and Emily’s bullshit rumors, and that Ken Barry and Tom Lipschultz deeply distrust Nintendo after that, and their recent localization changes (because they apparently don’t work with SJWs? I don’t get it.) Except that XSeed still publishes games for Nintendo’s systems and never criticized them for their “censorship”. So there’s that.


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