Emily Rogers doesn’t know what a sequel is!


My apologies for all the Rogers stories lately, but one of the things you WILL notice about her is that her activity spikes every time Nintendo makes a big announcement. In this case, the Switch reveal.

She suddenly has more of an idea of what Nintendo is going to do and makes up new stories to ‘fit’ with the new information. This sometimes leads to awkward situations in which information she’s presented in the past contradicts what we’re seeing now.

Rogers is claiming that Mario Kart Switch is not a ‘real’ sequel and is instead a port with additional content. This is, of course, completely ridiculous because the changes seem to go way beyond additional characters… there are two item slots.

So why exactly is she pushing this?

Because one of her very, very few ‘leaks’ this year, concerning the NX launch lineup, would be completely wrong if it wasn’t true.


“Recently I mentioned that Nintendo was conducting experiments with multiple ports for the NX. Earlier this year, I said Legend of Zelda U and Smash Bros U were practically guaranteed to receive NX ports. This week, Nintendo confirmed that Zelda will receive a dual release on Wii U and NX. Meanwhile, Super Mario Maker and Splatoon are currently just experiments, and there’sNO guarantee whether Nintendo will announce/release them.

It’s always possible that Nintendo may turn these porting experiments into full-fledged sequels — Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Maker 2. But it’s anyone’s guess at this point.”

Keep in mind this was one of the first stories she ever posted to her new website.

I’ve mentioned in the past how ridiculous of a concept turning a mere port into a full blown sequel was, but now that we know  a but more about what the Switch actually is we can take this rumor and dismiss it for what it is… a lie.

It’s interesting to me that an article covering ports of Wii U content made absolutely no mention of Mario Maker 3DS or Woolly World 3DS. It’s almost like she was making it all up!

I definitely think this, on top of the whole ‘The dock gives the Switch more power!’ story, are going to be the big ‘Emily Rogers was wrong!’ stories next year. Things aren’t panning out the way she said they were going to at all.



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