How to conquer Emily Rogers

I think anyone who has seriously looked at Emily Rogers as a whole has come away with the same conclusion: She is a fraud. Extremely mainstream channels like Gamexplain are SWARMED with people who constantly attack them for covering Roger’s rumors.

And for good reason: Channels like Gamexplain are the only reason Rogers stays relevant. They constantly present her as being a ‘reliable’ insider and feel the need to make videos every day chronicling her stupid blog. I myself, along with hundreds of other fans, are sick of this self serving, selfish attitude.

So how do we overcome this?

First and foremost, avoid ANY article or video with the word RUMOR printed across it. Rogers has turned the word into her own personal catch phrase. Generally if you see it on a website, anywhere, it was because of her.

So don’t click on any headlines like that: They are very likely not true.

Second, I would really like someone to find out how exactly Rogers’ profits from these kinds of rumors. We know she quit her job as a game journo in order to push more scathing (and untrue) stories through her blog.

So how does she profit off of this? She has to in some way, but it’s not through traditional methods like getting hits. She doesn’t have a youtube channel, for example. She lets other YouTubers cover her content. But she still writes an awful lot about Nintendo for someone who’s doing it for free. Even I haven’ written anything nearly as long some of her Dromble articles.

What’s with her hate boner for Star Fox, anyway?

But why write something like this? That’s an awful lot of effort to put into spinning bullshit. No, I think Rogers has some sort of financial incentive to keep doing this sort of thing, but I can’ quite figure out what.

Also, I dug up some new information about her as I was writing this.

Emily Rogers exposed.JPG

My theory of her sources being in marketing were spot on. But even I didn’t speculate she was fucking someone at the company. This revelation might provide a bit of insight as to what she’s actually like, and I personally am very interested in who this person is and whether they are still in a relationship with her.

So her sources were, at least at first, involved with marketing. This may explain how Emily can know ‘something’ big is happening but then never elaborate on what. Marketing doesn’t necessarily have all the interesting tidbits that we would want to hear. Of course, she has other connections with other corrupt ‘Nintendo fans’ who claim to have connections but as I’ve said in the past, she is the ringleader, and the one decides who is ‘reliable’ and who isn’t.

I’ve been asked about why I’m so intent on covering what Rogers does, and my answer to that is that demystifying what she does will be an important part of getting people to stop listening to her.

I think time will really start to wear her down.







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