New Rumor Recap: Why they’re full of shit!

Notice anything about this?

Namely, how it severely predates Laura Kate Dale’s ‘leak’ that this is happening. It even predates the Switch reveal trailer!

One of the things you WILL notice about the Nintendo rumor mill is that Emily Rogers generally takes already existing rumors that she thinks are likely and then tries to give them credibility by using various lackey accounts (Liam Robertson, Laura Kate Dale, and now Tom Phillips) to try and give them credibility.

The purpose of this is to keep the heat from inaccurate information off of her, personally, and gives her the power to drop people once they stop being able to pretend that they have insider information. Look at what happened to Liam Robertston. In 2014, he was presented to us as having insider information regarding Nintendo and their games. He confirmed Shovel Knight being in Smash, Devil’s Third not being published by NOA, and about how Star Fox Zero was completely broken.

None of this was true, of course, and now he’s been perma banned from NEOgaf because the mods got sick of him blatantly making shit up. I wonder if one of the reasons Emily approached Dale to be the ‘new’ Tamaki is due to her being trans… it’ll be a lot harder to ban him there just because of the super PC culture there. I’ve never felt like Emily was an SJW, personally. There has to be a reason she approached one to push new rumors forward, and I think that may be it. Tamaki lost a lot of his credibility after being banned from NEOgaf, having an account there is an important part of being taken seriously by corrupt game journos.

So if anyone was wondering why Emily ‘stopped’ uploading rumors until January and why Laura and Tom Phillips started doubling down on bullshit, this is why.

Honestly, I’m having a little trouble organizing ALL of the rumors that came out in the past few weeks. There were so many, it’s a little overwhelming to sort through them all.

But I think considering the sources that backed them up, they aren’t worth even talking about in the first place.

All of it, from speculating that Pikmin 4 is a reboot to saying that a mainline Pokemon game is coming to Switch just strikes me as rather… familiar. Like it’s something I’ve heard before, from others speculating.

I know parasites like Gamexplain like to pretend it was Emily who leaked the Switch (Which has now become the new ‘She leaked Paper Mario!) But that isn’t actually true. And as I’ve learned with the recent Rabbids rumors… Laura got that from a month old article from a French website. In my experience, this is ALWAYS the case when something these people come out with is actually true. Someone else posted it somewhere first. In the case of this Stars rumor…. this kind of rumor has been floating around for years.

I feel as if these people have reached the point where we shouldn’t give them the benefit of the doubt. They all have histories of making things up, not just in gaming in Laura’s case, and it’s reached the point where I feel as if we can safely assume that the information is wrong, even without solid proof.

Emily Rogers has been posting ‘rumors’ for over five years now and has never really hit home on any of her rumors. Why should we take her seriously now, now that we know a lot more about her and how she first started out?



I’ll be sure to jump on these rumors once real evidence starts coming forward about future Nintendo projects. I was able to use Mario Maker 3DS of all things to prove that she’s full of shit. Knowing her, and believe me I know her very well, the same thing will happen here.

If she was confident in these rumors, she would leak them herself on her blog or her twitter account and take all the credit. As it stands, she is using other people to do it for her. And that, I think, shows a lack of real confidence on her part on what these people are saying. Something about these new rumors will be proven false in time.



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