Bought Mighty Number 09 on Wii U!

So I finally bit the bullet and bought a number of digital games I haven’t had the time to play due to the surprisingly amazing Black Friday sale. I bought Legend of Kay, Sonic Racing, and of course… Mighty Number 09.

Has it really not even been five months since it first came out? It feels like such a long time ago.

Anyway, I really wasn’t sure what to expect going into this one. From the very beginning, I was really critical of the game’s development cycle and how it was being handled and (Correctly) predicted that it would end badly for everyone involved. From a business standpoint, that was absolutely correct. Inafune has had his reputation tarnished, the fans did not get what they want, and Capcom still has not made a new Mega Man game.

But what about the game itself? Is it as bad as people say?

Well… no. My honest opinion is that besides some garbage visuals and terrible voice acting, Mighty Number 09 is reasonably fun to play. I like the way Beck controls, I like the general level design, the boss fights seem fun and challenging, it seems like a perfectly fine Mega Man clone.

But the problem with it is that it SHOULDN’T have been a clone. It should have done more to take the formula into the next generation. I feel as if the primary reason that people hate this game so much has nothing to do withe game itself, which is perfectly fine for an indie game even if it is nothing special, and has everything to do with how the development team mishandled their four million dollar budget to make something that other teams could have done much better.

Looking at Mighty Number 09’s visuals strongly remind me of Kick and Fennick, another Wii U indie title. Kick and Fennick was likely made with a much lower budget and certainly with a lot less publicity, but people who played it, such as myself, were willing to overlook it’s technical problems and enjoy the game for what it is. A really creative platformer.

Mighty Number 09 was never able to do that for several reasons. It was a Megaman clone, it had standards to live up to. It was a kickstarter game, which led to people watching the project more closely. The constant delays made even people like myself who were not kickstarter backers question the quality of the game.

I haven’t finished Mighty Number 09 yet, but while I acknowledge that the game has severe problems, mostly with it’s presentation, I feel as if the hate towards it as a game is overblown. It’s not Sonic Boom bad, in my mind.

It just isn’t the Mega Man successor we all wanted.




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