Stardew Valley cancelled for Wii U

Yes, I’m pissed. Much like the Rive situation a couple of months back, the creator of Stardew Valley, some no name indie dev that won’t ever do anything else, has come out and said that yes, the game is being cancelled for Wii U so they can focus on Switch development.


People don’t just stop buying games for old hardware when new stuff comes out. I know Switch is going to be a big deal and I know most people are going to pick one up… but eshop games can still do really well on Wii U. Minecraft is ancient and still doing reasonably well, for example. I myself take the time every thursday to check and see if anything I want is on there. Right now I’m having a blast playing Excite Bike 64. And I’m sure I’m not alone on this. The eshop, despite the moaning from Pretendos about the lack of Gamecube games, has easily the best selection of games of any digital store.

So why did SV not come to it, despite being promoted for months? Keep in mind it’s been confirmed to be coming to Nintendo platforms for months, before a PS4 or Xbox One port was ever announced. In fact, Nintendo released several videos talking about how the game was coming to Wii U ‘soon’ and even gave it a release date: September, a month that they used to highlight a number of big indie releases, all of which DID make  it onto the eshop.

What makes Stardew Valley so super special awesome that it didn’t make it’s deadline?

There is no reason that SV couldn’t have launched on Wii U in September, as planned, and then have another release on Switch after it comes out.

I guess I’ll just have to stick with the superior, real Harvest Moon releases.




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