Knack is a timeless classic

I still think about the day I first played Knack sometimes.

I had just unwrapped my first ever gaming console, the Playstation 4, and held it up for my Mom to see. Little did I know that the little character emblazoned on the side of the box, Knack, would change my life forever.

I spent countless hours in front of the TV, endlessly running through the game’s incredibly creative and inspired levels, mashing square to take down every enemy I came across with a single blow. For the first time in my life, I felt as if I were in control of my actions. As if I was somebody important.

Seeing the sales numbers that Sony posted every day ensuring all of their fans, every day, that the PS4 was the best selling, most popular platform in the world made me truly appreciate how lucky I was that I owned a PS4 and not  a Wii U. I was someone important: I was part of a crowd, I was a fan of something popular. And now that I had that, I had everything.

I had found the secret to being happy.

I spent the entire rest of the school year talking about my revelation with anyone I came across. I would laugh at children who dared bring their 3DS to school, and then go running to the teacher to get them taken away, which gave me ample time to smash them into pieces.

How dare children have fun with a lesser product? How dare they try anything different? How dare they not see the light, and buy a Playstation Vita instead?

Knack is why I felt this way.

I began to feel uncomfortable by having to go to school with these parasites. Fake gamer girls with Zelda shirts would talk about how much they loved games they’ve never played while I watched them from a distance. Idiots spent their days playing Super Mario 3D World, a game that was outsold by Knack.

Knack helped me escape from them, helped me realize just how much better I was than them because I was a mature gamer who played mature games. I began to see the people surrounding me for what they really were… nothing but children.

I stayed in my room, experiencing strange new worlds and cultures experienced only by the greatest minds in the world while they did other… things. Childish things. Things that I dare not even name.

The only place I could find solace with like minded individuals was online, where other warriors who knew how many Playstations Sony had sold and what that meant for our culture.

Knack made this all possible.

I love Knack. It has brought me closer to Playstation than I ever thought possible. In time, when artificial intelligence technology is sophisticated enough to BECOME REAL… I will commit my undying love to the brand  and marry it.

Knack 2 promises that many others will follow in my wake. Knack, to me, symbolizes my love with Playstation.



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