Laura Kate Dale caught lying about Switch rumors!

I’ve finally discovered something concrete on the ‘reliable’ NX leaker Laura Kate Dale. You may have noticed today that Laura Kate Dale posted a new rumor on his website going over some new Switch ‘leaks.’

However, going through them I noticed one very grave error. A contradiction between the new leak and an old one. Observe the two stories and see if you can catch it as well.

“The new Nintendo console, the Nintendo Switch, has finally been unveiled yesterday with a preview trailer, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about the unique system launching next year in all regions. A few hours ago, additional details on the dock, the console’s screen and battery life have emerged online.

Laura Kate Dale, who has proven in the past few days to have inside knowledge of the new Nintendo console, recently revealed on her Twitter profile that the Nintendo Switch dock will have some additional processing power. If this is the case, it will probably take a few seconds to switch between handheld mode to home console.”

And the other, more recent post…

“We have recently learned through a source at Nintendo connected to the organisation of an upcoming hands on press event that the Nintendo Switch Dock does increase the performance of the handheld, but not due to any additional processing in the dock.”

Please keep in mind that the ‘dock gives it more power!’ was the statement he was pushing the most in the first few days after the Switch reveal. In other words, Laura Kate Dale was wrong about something he clearly had the utmost confidence in.

In short, anyone who believes these ‘rumors’ is kidding themselves.



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