Pokemon Sun & Moon reach new heights!

I actually have a lot to say about the new Pokemon games, so I thought I would condense all of my thoughts into an article.

I had been, since last generation, extremely anxious about the future of the franchise as a whole. A lot of developers were coming forward saying a bunch of things I really didn’t like and I had NOT been fond of generation six as a whole.

However, last year’s Pokemon Mystery Dungeon really won me over and made me realize that the franchise still had a lot of great talent behind it. And the introduction of gen VII, which may be shaping up to be my third favorite generation overall, has done a lot to win me over.

Gen VII fixed nearly all of the problems I had with Gen VI. Z-moves are more interesting than mega evolutions, for example, and I find the Totem Pokemon idea really refreshing after twenty years of the gym leader formula. This entry in the series is fantastic and well worth anyone’s time, whether they are old fans or have never played a Pokemon game before.




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