Liam Robertson blocked me again!


People keep asking me why I keep tweeting even though I don’t have any followers. Well, it’s so I can get reactions like this out of people. Interestingly, he did this almost immediately after I posted, despite the fact that I didn’t actually tweet at him and don’t follow him in any way. So he actively monitors Twitter to find out what people are saying about him.

I only ended up looking at his feed again after I became aware that he released a new ‘rumor’ concerning Smash Bros Switch and how there will be new characters. My problem with this is that he has already proven himself to have a very shaky record when it comes to Smash Bros rumors.


This was a statement Tamaki was making a lot this time last year, before we had any knowledge of who the final DLC character for Smash Bros was. He was adamant, for months, that the character in question was definitely going to be Shovel Knight. As it turned out, that was not the case. His assumption, and it was merely an assumption and NOT based on any insider information, was that if Shovel Knight was getting an Amiibo, it was surely going to get into Smash. Right?

Bayonetta’s reveal absolutely destroyed him, as I recall. I have no files saved over what he said and did afterward, but I seem to remember a lot of damage controlling on twitter. I believe he shut down his account for a while, actually.

So that brings us to what’s going on today. In that Tamaki is trying to reestablish his credibility as an insider by trying to take a page out of Emily Roger’s book and retweeting ‘predictions’ that he ‘leaked.’

The one I was referring to in my tweet, the Hyrule Warriors Legends was one of these. Tamaki claimed, falsely, that he leaked the trailer. What I did was point out that all he did was post a link to a trailer that was accidently posted early. And then he blocked me.

Keep in mind, all of the other information he came out with regarding Hyrule Warriors Legends (It would not be in the E3 Direct, for example) was wrong. Of course, he left that part of the story out of the post. Much like how Emily Rogers doesn’t acknowledge her numerous incorrect ‘leaks.’

And of course pointing this out to him caused him to freak out and block me, just for pointing out something that I noticed over a year ago.

Liam Robertson is a bitch and a fraud.


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