Miyamoto confirms interest in Star Fox sequel


This is definitely an interesting thing to see, especially since there are still a number of Pretendos out there acting as if Zero has killed off all interest in the franchise. In reality, all it’s done is make Nintendo reconsider just how to make this kind of game be appreciated by the public. I imagine they will offer some kind of in game incentive to replay levels next time around. I felt like most people felt the game was ‘over’ when they beat all the levels once and then never tried to get a high score, which is where most of the game’s technical depth comes into play and where the motion controls really shine.

I’ve actually been wanting to talk about Star Fox Zero for a while now, but this is as good as a time as ever to bring this up… I’m trying to improve my personal high score for the game! It’s really addicting, I’ve played through Corneria over and over again to try and crack four hundred hits, but I’m not quite there yet. Still, though, the fact that I could play the same level over and over again and constantly have a blast in doing so really speaks to the game’s replay value and overall quality. I think this experience has really made me realize how great this game really is.


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