Wave Race and Excite Truck recently trademarked!

It’s official: Rumblings around recent trademarks seem to indicate that Nintendo is bringing their racing franchises back full force next year.

I’m much more of a fan of Excite Truck than Wave Race, as I find the style of racing incredibly addicting and unique, but I personally would be really happy to see NST rise from the ashes and start making really good simulation racers again. Both 1080 and Wave Race are great and are still fun to play today.

But it’s great to see that some lesser known franchises are being worked on at Nintendo. This makes me very optimistic for the Switch launch in the near future.



One thought on “Wave Race and Excite Truck recently trademarked!”

  1. Excite Truck? Wii U VC (and Switch VC?), probably.
    Wave Race, though? Hmmmm… :p
    Let’s not get overhyped; they re-trademark franchises like Giest and Eternal Darkness every now and again, and nothing happens.
    We shall see!


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