What’s his name again: AngryJoeShow

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about an actual, relevant YouTuber on this blog since it’s inception. I’ve mostly been focused on people with small, fringe audiences who fabricate elaborate conspiracy theories about Nintendo. And although I deeply enjoy covering just how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to Pretendo complaints about the company, I think I need to address the very real fact that mainstream Youtubers are just as bad as these sideshow freaks. People just don’t really talk about their issues as much.

So today I’d like to go over one of the very few mainstream YouTubers I am personally subscribed to: AngryJoeShow. Now, this isn’t a personal endorsement of him. I find the majority of his content to be uninteresting and incompetent. However, following the Destiny review, I generally consider Joe’s style of reviews to go over what problems the game has in general.

But that was years ago now. The past two years have been a barren wasteland of review content, and Joe has just uploaded another video apologizing for that and promising to do better the following year.

It’s not going to happen. He did this last  year too, and we got nothing to show for it. We didn’t even get a top ten gaming controversies list, which is actually one of the few things he works on that I genuinely enjoy. I’m genuinely curious as to whether he’s going to make any top ten lists at all this year. He certainly didn’t come through in making any videos about Ace Attorney or Pokemon, both of which I was interested in seeing.

He keeps crying about how he doesn’t have enough time to review games, but I have to point out… what is he doing with his time, exactly? Streaming? That shouldn’t take priority over actually producing  higher quality content. He always goes on about how his reviews take weeks and weeks to film. Are you serious? It looks like he just stands in front of a greenscreen and does stupid skits. I’m sure Linkara does a lot more than that much more frequently. Like, I heard once he spent time building an actual replica of the inside of the Star Ship Enterprise in his house for a video. Joe just screams about how much a game sucks at his camera. How hard can that be? I could probably do it if I had the software to make it happen, and on a much more frequent basis.

There’s this no name YouTuber I know of, this guy named NitroRad. He loves sucking the cocks of no name indie developers so I unsubscribed from him following the Undertale debacle, but I checked in on him recently to see how much content he put out in the past year, and holy shit, he had put up several well edited reviews going over lots of really odd niche games from the early 2000’s that I had completely forgotten about. There were surely several that were posted in the same month as each other, a far cry from Joe’s three reviews a year.

Keep in mind I’m not endorsing NitroRad here, because I actually dislike him as well, but at least he puts effort into what he does. When I was subscribed to him, he was uploading a new, reasonably interesting video every few weeks. Joe doesn’t upload SHIT besides movie reviews these days, and it’s really starting to make me consider unsubscribing for good. He just doesn’t offer anything of value to me anymore, and I know lots of other people in the gaming community feel the same way.

Joe needs to shape up if he wants to stay a relevant YouTuber. He’s simply not putting in the effort to stay relevant, and unlike Spoony I doubt he has a dedicated enough fanbase to keep him alive through Patreon. Ecelebs have this tendency to think they are actual celebrities, but I see them as more as being parasites leeching off a broken system.

Joe is far from my least favorite streamer, that honor will hopefully always go to those fucks at Video Games Awesome, but to say that I’m still annoyed at his attitude regarding his content is an understatement.




2 thoughts on “What’s his name again: AngryJoeShow”

  1. Curses! I was going to write about ‘Rad on the other place!
    His videos are pretty cool; it was nice to see someone (other than me) recall that those mediocre platformers of the 2000’s existed. Some of them aren’t that bad…
    I wonder how gaming YouTubers will fare after the crash. What do you think?


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