I will purchase your game!

I fully intend to support, purchase, and play Yooka-Laylee in spite of the cancellation of the Wii U version.

I feel as if people are lumping together all third party developers under a single umbrella, as if they are all on single entity who are looking to fuck over Nintendo fans once given the chance. There have been several examples of this happening over the past few years, so I completely understand where people are coming from. But I don’t believe this is another Project Cars situation, or even a Stardew Valley situation (Which I WAS angry about)

I think it is unreasonable for us to assume that developers absolutely have to support old hardware in order to be appealing to Nintendo fans and contribute to the company’s ecosystem. The game is still coming to Nintendo hardware. What is the controversy, exactly?

This is NOT  A PROJECT CARS SITUATION. Not all devs, especially small ones, will have knowledge of upcoming hardware and can’t possibly promise to make a game for the new thing if they have no knowledge of it.

I really don’t see why anyone would be upset about Yooka-Laylee not coming out on Wii U. Don’t be surprised if Zelda gets cancelled for it as well, considering it’s release timing. Wii U had a great shelf life and continues to get lots of great indie support. Half Genie Hero is nearly out now, and I can’t wait to play it.

There’s no reason to get upset over the next big thing from Nintendo for getting support.


3 thoughts on “I will purchase your game!”

  1. I don’t really expect Zelda on Wii U to be cancelled, but I do believe that BOTW’s release will ultimately mark the Wii U’s commercial EOL (end of life). They’ll still continue maintaining the system’s online functionalities but that’s pretty much it for any additional support for the system. It’s time for them to move on.

    I’m disappointed that Yooka-Laylee was cancelled for Wii U, but so are the developers at Playtonic too since they worked so hard to try to get a version on Wii U and it didn’t work out in the end.


  2. Hey dicking over the Wii U and it’s fanbase is par for the course, and unsurprisingly Playtonic has proved why they and 99% of the people making kickstarter games are scumbags. They advertised the game for specific platforms, yet somehow its okay to back out of their promises because they feel sorry? I very much doubt it, im sure they are laughing all the way to the bank with all that money they made off Nintendo fans who supported their attempt at regaining a glory they never had and never deserved.

    The last 2 years have shed so much light into just how crap Kickstarter projects are, its not just one or two bad eggs, when very nearly every big kickstarter game has some kind of massive controversy. It is insane to think that somehow these people are coming from a place of genuine sorrow, Playtonic has quite frankly given even more credence to the fact that kickstarter is just as bad as the main sectors of the gaming industry and they are nothing more then snake oil salesmen, how funny it is to get funded so easily when you are backed by a nostalgia blind audience for a group of creators or creator in the case of mighty no 9, that are has beens and never actually all the good at making games to begin with.

    I for one never supported Yooka to begin with, i think there is a reason collectathon garbage platformers died in the first place, so i can safely say even with this scumbaggery of a move i still wont purchase the game. Although i do feel sorry for the nintendo fans who are still going to buy the game if it comes out on switch which i very much doubt.

    More and more these developers continue to prove to me moving to PC gaming was such a wise choice, with a little patience i can get their games 90% off, lets see how much they like getting dicked over.


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