Twilight Princess releasing on Wii with added motion controls: What the fuck, Nintendo?

In 2004, I bought a Nintendo Gamecube for one reason. To play the new, mature Zelda game launching for the console. Wind Waker was a joke for little kids, and I was really excited about how Nintendo seemed to have learned their lesson and were shaping up to FINALLY start putting out mature games for mature gamers. Twilight Princess was supposed to be that first step into greatness.

And what do I have to show for it? A Black lunchbox with a bunch of cartoony games exclusives and multiplats that run better on other hardware, and the knowledge that the game I WANTED to play is being delayed to add motion controls into the Wii version, a console that in many ways seems to be a disaster waiting to happen. No one is going to buy that underpowered piece of shit. I’m a Nintendo fan, but I’m fed up with this nonsense. How dare a children’s video game company make games for children? They should have grown up and matured with me, and taken what I wanted into account. Where is the Zelda timeline, where is our lore? Where is our romance, where is our world map of the Zelda universe? So many questions left unanswered that is leading credence to the theory that Nintendo does NOT know what they are doing with the franchise.

All we wanted is for the franchise to grow up and start addressing real issues, but instead Nintendo is delaying their most anticipated title, possibly ever, to add in a gimmick control scheme that no one asked for.

Nintendo is dead to me.


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