Super Mario Run: My Nintendo Missions

I’ve been playing the original Dead Rising recently, and one of the things that game is most famous for is being a lot of fun to 100% complete. This doesn’t just mean beating the game… this means getting all the achievements. I’m personally really enjoying the game and am considering going for 100% completion before picking up the second.

Achievements can keep people coming back to a game you’ve already beaten. Sometimes this can be really tedious, but there are games that can make it really fun and addicting. And I think Nintendo is beginning to realize this with the introduction of My Nintendo Missions.

We’ve known the technology of having ‘Missions’ you can clear in games for points on My Nintendo account has been in place since the release of the service, but most wrote it off as a failed reboot. I have always seen it differently. I saw it as a platform that was put into place to set up Nintendo’s next console, to keep Switch and Nintendo’s mobile offerings very tightly knit.

And seeing My Nintendo Missions make their first ever debut in Super Mario Run, I can safely say my suspicions are confirmed. Super Mario Run is the first title to really take advantage of what My Nintendo can do, and I was very interested in seeing how there was downloadable content for the game that you could only get by spending points you get by completing missions in Super Mario Run. I bought an awesome Gold Mario statues and have it on display in my Kingdom.

I think Nintendo has come up with an Achievement system that can actually get dedicated players in game rewards, which I think will put them ahead of other companies in the eyes of core fans. Because a lot of achievements sort of don’t really do anything for you in game besides, well, be achievements. This is something more than that, and if Super Mario Run is any indication, this is just another reason for players everywhere to Make the Switch.


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