Muh fan content! A Response to Haedox!

It’s hard to believe that I initially founded this site specifically to call out specific people and have hardly done so since it’s inception. Generally speaking, however, there aren’t a whole lot of people out there that really deserve a response right now. Retards like TheGamingBrit and VideogamesAwesome have been very quiet on the Nintendo hate in the past couple of years, and I’ve even been noticing some very prominent personalities, like Adam Sessler, disappear from the spotlight entirely. And others, like the faggot from the Bit Block, are constantly bleeding views and subscribers.

The times are changing, I think, and the mindless Nintendo hate is quickly becoming a bit of a joke among actual fans of the company.  And a reason for that is the never ending complaints about things that simply do not matter. And the recent video from Haedox talking about how he thinks Nintendo is an ‘anti consumer’ company falls into that category.

No, taking a hard line stance against derivative fan projects and YouTube videos that do nothing but shit on the company is not outside their rights. In fact, I am personally very supportive of the decision because it’s becoming very common for people who don’t play Nintendo games to use fan games or youtube videos to ‘prove’ that Nintendo doesn’t know what they’re doing. I’ve seen people use, say, Mathew Matosis videos of him playing Devil’s Third to ‘prove’ that the game isn’t very good due to his (Ill deserved) reputation as a very insightful game critic.

We are seeing game journos, streamers, and other parasites crawling out of the woodwork to try and shit on Nintendo for no real reason. I know lots of people may think I’m exaggerating, and maybe that I’m being a bit too defensive, but you don’t see this sort of malicious attitudes from fans of other companies, who often do a whole lot worse. Take this recent Haedox video, for example. He tries to claim that Nintendo is somehow worse than Activision and EA because… they took down fan projects?

I’m sorry, but doesn’t EA own the rights to the NFL license specifically to prevent other companies from making better football games then they do? How is that not worse than what Nintendo is doing here? Because EA is not Nintendo, and hating on them doesn’t get the same kind of feedback. There’s a reason no one is talking about, say, how badly the new Mirror’s Edge did DESPITE the first one coming out in 2008… a gap just as large as the one between Metroid Prime 3 and Federation Force. In other words, EA took a cult classic game and shit on it, yet no one seems to care. Just as no one seems to remember any of the other, very real, controversies the company had been involved in in the past few years.

Much like the whole censorship debacle, the whole fan project thing seems to be a paltry attempt at trying to make Nintendo out to be a bad guy when that really isn’t the case. We see this everywhere, from Tamaki making up bullshit about Miyamoto and Star Fox to seeing people go berserk over localization changes that would ( and are) fly from other companies. It’s fascinating for me to see games like Star Fox Zero simultaneously bitch about Star Fox 64 being too different AND too similar to Star Fox 64, or ANY complaints about the way Color Splash plays while real issues, like the serious lack of quality control on The Last Guardian or Final Fantasy XV, go somewhat ignored in comparison. Keep in mind these are huge titles, and seeing their problems go ignored by most people is very odd seeing how Nintendo games are treated.

In other words, bad practices concerning companies that aren’t Nintendo, including EA and Activison, generally go completely ignored while nitpicks like OMG ARTIFICIAL SHORTAGES and BROKEN MOTION CONTROLS are somehow ruining the company. What a joke.

Nintendo has every right to take down fan projects if they feel the need to, and considering the recent trend of pretending that remakes of old games are BETTER THAN CANON, they have every reason to. There are no problems with fan games, exactly, but there is a problem when fan games are treated in a way that could damage the brand.



3 thoughts on “Muh fan content! A Response to Haedox!”

  1. Any thoughts on Sega’s stance on fan content though? My guess is that they are just as aware as Nintendo in terms of fan content (Nintendo didn’t go after MFGG, Twitch Plays Pokemon, Zelda Classic, etc. after all) except when they have no choice like the infamous Shining Force III video removals (when a new Shining game was going to be released) that caused TotalBiscuit’s boycott, forcing a cease-and-desist on an unofficial Dreamcast collector’s guide when they going to release their own official guide, and especially the infamous Streets of Rage Remake which was very similar to AM2R ironically.

    Yet, people like Haedox are calling their stance on fan work more liberal than Nintendo’s solely from out of context comments from their PR, and because of Sonic Mania (when again, the project came from the developers pitching it directly to Sega after their work on recreating Sonic 1/2/CD).

    This comment also says it very well: “Other fan games aren’t shut down because they typically are not remaking the entirety of a singular game. They sometimes take aspects of a game and then do something completely original – see Zelda Classic, which I have first hand knowledge Nintendo is aware of.

    This one was always going to be shut down if it ever got complete. Why wasn’t it in the last decade? Well, history shows a majority of fans that try to “remake” games never actually get to a finished project and thus it’s not worth the time for Nintendo to run around and pick at all these little projects that never finish.

    This project finished, and while built from the ground up in game maker and adding some new features and gameplay to the experience, at the core of the title it is still very much Metroid II. The fact it was a replica of Metroid II is why it got shut down.

    if it was titled something else, featured completely original levels, enemies, yada yada, fine. But the dev always advertised it as a remake of Metroid II. That was never going to fly if it was complete. Just like a remake of any of Nintendo’s other games never flies. Different between fan games inspired by the series and literally remaking a game that already exists.”


      1. The fact that people are declaring Mania to be superior to any of the Genesis 2D Sonic games (better than S3&K?!?) from seeing footage and playing demos of it is an indictment of that.


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