The Death of Pretendo communities

A while back, I published an article talking about the official death of Nsider2. Due to severe mismanagement among the staff and site administrators, the site was completely abandoned by it’s entire userbase and moved to a new location. We shall refer to this place as the ‘New’ Nsider2, just to avoid referring to it by it’s real name for reasons I shall get into shortly.

I spent a little bit of time talking about this with my friends at KoopaTV, and I was really surprised  at some of the things I was told about the higher ups at the staff. Truth be told, although I was very much a long time poster there, my issue with the community mostly came from a number of different members of the community and how unbelievably toxic they were. Punchy and his ‘Nintendoom,’ LuigiTornado and his attitude concerning pretty much anything, Lility and his Dark Souls fanboyism… it got really tiring for me, and is the reason I became so staunchly opposed to that sort of Fake Nintendo fan horseshit. These people weren’t fans, and you could see this from how they treated old and new releases, how they treated fans of less popular games, and yes… how they drove away some of the most dedicated Nintendo fans on the site, including TUMF, Ludwig, and myself. I can’t speak for TUMF or Ludwig specifically, but I can talk about my experiences with the ‘New’ Nsider2 and just what the problem there is.

I found that, due to the transition to the new site, that I suddenly had an open door to come back into the community and start posting again. I had spent around three years lurking there, laughing at the sheer insanity of some of these people, and was really interested in seeing how they handled someone like me coming in and talking about how much I liked my Wii U.

Not well, obviously, and believe me… I was not nearly as harsh as I usually am regarding certain topics. I tried to take it easy at first, and was really surprised at the backlash I got concerning the weirdest things.

I was banned without a warning for making fun of censored gaming’s Dragon Ball video. Specifically about how people were trying to blame Nintendo for it. I acknowledge that I probably should have elaborated a bit more on what my opinion of the situation was. The entire post was a joke based on how zealous Censored Gaming is about blaming Nintendo for ALL censorship decisions, and I had not talked about that before on the site.

I was banned for it, without an explanation. And that, I think, really sums up the problem with the site as a whole. The bubble is getting smaller and smaller, and they drive away anyone who doesn’t fit into their own insane worldview. In the position they are in now, they won’t be attracting any new users, and the bubble will continue to get smaller and smaller, until nothing is left.

Nsider2, in it’s glory days, was probably the biggest Nintendo fansite out there. But now it’s nothing, due to the fact that no one who posts there cares about gaming and instead spends their days bitching about inconsequential things, like sales numbers and the like.

It’s only going to get worse for them from this point forward.


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