Laura Kate Dale is going CRAZY due to his rumors being proven wrong

Laura Kate Dale admits Zelda is coming out day one.JPG

The last few days have been eventful ones among the fake Nintendo leak circle. We finally have some hard evidence going into just exactly when Breath of the Wild is launching next year, and surprise surprise… the information Laura Kate Dale and Emily Rogers provided was wrong. It took a while for either of them to respond to it, but it seems LKD finally has gotten wind of it and… well, isn’t happy.



None of this is true, but you can tell he’s just going crazy on twitter right now trying to damage control the situation. I’m keeping a close eye on him to see if he says anything interesting.

But I think the damage has been done: Laura Kate Dale has finally been exposed as a fraud, and has hinted on twitter that he wants to leave Nintendo rumors behind after the Switch Direct. Gee, I wonder why?

There are people damage controlling for him, obviously, but I don’t think these people are in the majority.

And holy shit he just played the Mother 3 card.


He MUST be desperate.

For those who don’t know, Mother 3 is one of those projects that is guaranteed to get you attention if you claim it’s ‘coming soon’ on social media. Emily Rogers did it to promote herself after she had to delete all her old accounts and social media to prevent people from looking at her posts that were proven wrong. I think LKD is desperate to get all this heat off of him.

But giving a specific date as to when something is supposed to happen is a TERRIBLE idea. One of the things that really started the ball rolling when it came to discrediting Liam Robertson was his tendency to give statements on how and when things were supposed to happen, which led to issues when they were (Inevitably) proven wrong. My guess is that the same thing is happening here. I think if this statement was legit we would have heard something by now.

I think it’s safe to say the Laura Kate Dale saga is over. I’ve been saying this since the beginning, but he doesn’t have the mindset or genuine history covering Nintendo products to stay relevant in the long term. He’s like… the second coming of SuperMetalDave  with actual connections with game journos. Sure, people genuinely fell for his leaks at first, but as time passed and everything she was saying turned out to not be true… well… people feel cheated.

It’s over, Laura.




7 thoughts on “Laura Kate Dale is going CRAZY due to his rumors being proven wrong”

  1. “It’s over Laura”

    LMFAO you got her dude nice job! Thanks for being the people’s hero you’re going to save business of video games.


  2. First of all, Laura Kate Dale is a woman. A woman. Stop using “he” and “him.” That’s incredibly rude and is probably a feeble-minded attempt to insult her. Right off the bat, I can tell you are probably a bigoted fool who is prejudiced against transgender people.

    Second of all, having one rumor disproved does not mean you aren’t credible. It means you aren’t correct 100% of the time. One common misconception people have is that Laura is a source herself. That’s false. Laura is a reporter who has sources that talk to her. This just means that ONE time, a couple of her sources backtracked on what they said.

    You said, “None of this is true…” Really? Show evidence for this. Because on her blog Let’s Play Video Games, you can see she wrote about everything she said.

    We will see if Mother 3 will be coming out for the Switch, but you can’t discredit her claim just yet. It may very well come, especially since it’s from a reliable source like Laura.

    I’m sorry Laura had to deal with ignorant dunderheads like you.


    1. “Laura Kate Dale is a woman.”


      “One rumor disproved doesn’t mean that you aren’t credible.”

      Also wrong. One of his big statements he has made turned out to be false. I have caught him lying several times in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.


  3. LKD is a Massive fraud. Sick of all the Nintendo related youtubers using his bullshit lies as ‘facts’. Attention seeking waste of time. Glad he’s been embarrassed and lost any remaining credibility.


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