Sean Malstrom is done?

I highly doubt it, but that’s what he’s claiming.

This is not the end, but I will not be updating this site consistently anymore. Things have changed.

For one thing, none of this is fun without Iwata. Nintendo is no longer as interesting.

With the incoming Trump administration, the Oil and Gas industry is expanding like crazy. I need to focus. I have skills with automation. If a manufacturing renaissance occurs, the automation revolution will occur. The automation revolution is bigger than the computer and internet revolutions combined.

I used this site to learn about how to think in business terms, and it has paid off. Executives from Exxon, Chevron, and the likes point their thumb at me and go, “He is like a young Donald Trump!” haha.

This site has gone on for well over 10 years. Maybe 12? It has had a good run. But the wheel has turned, and now it is time to go.

I am also dating a woman who looks exactly like this. They do have an eye for money.

He then claims he’s dating a Zero Suit Samus look alike.

So basically, he just wanted to brag about finding a woman who would put up with him. Considering the stats of most Pretendos, that is a feat indeed.

Does he really think that companies think of him as this really insightful business analyst? Trump got to where he is by DOING shit, not sitting around bragging about how he’s going to have money someday.

My guess is that Malstrom realizes that his reputation online isn’t getting him anywhere and wants to get away from it. Personally, looking at his history, I’m shocked he’s never had any interest in leaving until now. He’s a Nintendo focused blogger who doesn’t own any current Nintendo hardware. His big claim to fame was ‘predicting the Wii’s success!” Which was over a decade ago now. He’s simply not relevant anymore. He has a core group of followers, sure, but I don’t think his ramblings about how Aonuma hates the original games are going to hold water in a post Breath of the Wild world.

My guess is that Malstrom just got some pussy for once, decided brag about ‘how he won’t have TIME to two hundred word blog post anymore.’ 😉 and will be back posting regularly again once the Switch is revealed later this month.

I’m sure he WILL come back to cry about 3D Mario one last time.



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