RUMOR: Mario Rabbids RPG is pushed back… or, more likely, was fake to begin with!

It seems like the corrupt gaming press are trying their hardest to pre-emptively damage control one of the very few hard statements Laura Kate Dale has made concerning actual software coming to the Nintendo Switch.



For those of you who aren’t aware, Liam Robertson is actually the man who got me interested in following fake Nintendo leaks seriously. I have caught him lying about Nintendo products numerous times, including the now infamous Devil’s Third is delayed claims and Star Fox Zero’s development trouble claims.

It’s because of Emily Rogers jumping in to give credibility to the Devil’s Third rumor in particular that gave me insight on what these people are trying to do. Namely, they network to and collaborate on fake new stories, and when trouble falls on one of them the others rush in to try and damage control. I talked a little bit the other day about how Tom Phillips RUSHED in to explain Laura Kate Dale’s and Emily Roger’s claims that Zelda was being delayed after it became apparent that they were completely wrong. And now we’re seeing Liam do the same thing with the Rabbids rumor.

Laura Kate Dale is nervously tweeting about the Direct right now, as I type this, and I think that speaks volumes. He’s already talked about how he’s not going to cover Nintendo content after this, and I think I have a good idea why. He’s very nervous about the inevitable backlash that follows whenever a ‘leak’ gets proven wrong.

As he should be: People do not deserve to be lied to like this. People are sick and tired of organizations shoving this guy’s dick down their throats. If we have to directly call him a faggot on twitter to make him go away, so be it.


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