Nintendo dominated the fake leakers!

I just filmed a reaction going over what I thought of the Switch reveal. You can watch that on my channel.

Now let’s focus on the fake leaks.


So both Laura Kate Dale and Liam Robertson, two people I have called out for fake leaks, dismissed a post on random leak as 4chan as being fake and not lining up with their sources.

However… that random post happened to be legit. I remember seeing it myself: It accurately described Arms in much more depth than what we’re used to seeing from leaks.

And both Laura Kate Dale and Liam Robertson dismissed it. Ouch.

Everything they leaked  regarding the Switch was wrong. There was no Rabbids RPG, there is no Beyond Good and Evil 2, No Mother 3, the list goes on and on.

The only leak that seems to have been accurate (Surprisingly) is the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe one… a shock, considering that it came from Emily Rogers who also started the Splatoon port rumor which WAS fake. My guess is that Nintendo confirmed that it was a port in some Japanese conference or something. We established that was the case when it came to her ‘leaking’ Paper Mario, and I imagine something similar happened here.

Emily is a lot more clever than Liam or LKD and isn’t going to put herself in obvious weak positions. She’s pretty good at making statements vague enough to have a lot of wiggle room. I could see her pretending that “Oh, the voice acting in the cutscenes for Zelda is something I predicted!”

Remember, she is VERY strongly associated with Laura Kate Dale and Liam Robertson. She is of the same mold, even if it’s not nearly as obvious due to how good she is at deflecting things.

I know Laura Kate Dale is banging on about how the ‘technical’ leaks were correct, but I think all that came from patents and stuff. Everything about actual games was wrong, and I think that alone is more than enough to discredit him. I’m not going to waste any more time going over his leaks: He has been debunked, the end.

So now we’re back to where we are around E3… Emily Rogers is the last obstacle remaining. The final boss, if you will. I’m sure she will try and reach out to other personalities online desperate for attention to try and take the heat off of her when something gets proven wrong, but at the moment she is all alone.

Last time this happened she ended up making a number of huge mistakes. Mother 3 being revealed at E3 2016 and BOTW having female Link being among them. If she doesn’t have a ‘filter’ between her and her audience, her lies tend to fall apart. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on her in the very near future. She is starting to have a very real following of people online who hate her guts and I have no intention of letting up on the gas at this stage.



3 thoughts on “Nintendo dominated the fake leakers!”

  1. I doubt this is the end for Laura or Liam, honestly.

    Emily is still regarded as a legit source despite her track record of getting things wrong. Liam has already been wrong a ton of times, and is still around. LKD’s just going to go on about how the tech details were correct and continue to claim that the dozen or so fake games are “to be announced”.


    1. People aren’t going to buy into Liam and LKD’s rumors forever. Most people, I think, know that they are frauds.

      The problem is that the corrupt gaming media is NOT going to stop posting their rumors and damage controlling for them.


  2. At this rate, they will become just as credible as Nate Silver by the time E3 rolls around and like Nate Silver, they’ll act smugly when their predictions are destroyed in a spectacular fashion.


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