The End of Censorshitters

It’s no secret that I have been very critical of the ‘Censorshitters’ a group of people most active on 8chan’s /v/, Nichegamer, and the YouTube Channel Censored Gaming due to their insistence that everything that Nintendo Treehouse does has some sort of underlying agenda.

According to them, the problem with Fates wasn’t the hack writer they hired to create the setting, it wasn’t the lack of real character, personality, and intrigue from the original Japanese release… it was Treehouse ‘censoring’ content.

According to them, a localization company changing anything at all is unacceptable. All of a sudden Fates having re-written supports is a huge issue when Awakening did it as well. In fact, I would say that there are examples of Awakening’s localization that IMPROVED on the personalities of the original characters. Gregor is a great example.

Anyone who seriously thinks you can take the original Japanese script and do a direct translation clearly don’t know how this kind of thing works, and I think this is becoming more and more self evident as time goes on. We’re starting to see people pretend that there’s this huge problem at Nintendo Treehouse when it comes to the quality of translating games despite no real evidence to back it up.


Censored gaming sticking to the facts.JPG

The creator of Censored Gaming chimes in. 

According to ‘Censorshitters’ Nintendo Treehouse localizations are bad because…

  1. They allegedly remove sexy costumes
  2. They change dialogue
  3. They use ‘memes’ excessively.

None of which is really all that true. In fact, I would say, by the sound of it, that the vast majority of the people complaining online don’t know a damn thing about the games in question and are just looking for an excuse to complain.

This is going to become especially self evident in the very near future due to the Switch not being region locked.

These people won’t really have justification to complain anymore. If they really feel so strongly about how Nintendo handles translations, they will order them straight from Japan. However, the majority of them won’t do that. The majority of people complaining are all talk. They aren’t ‘passionate fans.’ They are just weebs we can’t handle characters speaking in English.


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