PS4 Pro completely bombs! Far outsold by Xbox!

PS4 Pro first holiday sales.png

Some hard numbers about PS4 sales have finally come forward, and as we all expected.. it doesn’t look too good for Sony’s next gen platform.

The Pro from the start looked like a terrible idea to everyone, for a variety of reasons. There was simply no real demand for something like this. This is very interesting, as both Sony and Microsoft have made it clear they want to start putting out new consoles much more frequently in the future. The idea is to keep the OMG NEW TECH train going forevermore.

It simply isn’t going to happen, and I think people are going to start outright rejectingthese upgrades as a whole. People don’t buy consoles on the promise of having OMG MORE POWER. They buy them because they want to play games on them.

If Sony and Microsoft keep pushing this model forward, it will only be a matter of time until OG Playstation 4’s and Xbox One’s aren’t compatible with new releases, which will infuriate early bird customers. If they decide to wise up and focus on the console’s they already have out… well, they will have to compete with the Switch, something that they are desperate to avoid.

I highly suspect that Xbox is on the way out and the Scorpio flopping will be the last nail in the coffin for them. PS4 will continue on for a while longer, but I think the sudden power vacuum will actually hurt them in the long run.

What do people do when they get fed up with Xbox? They switch to Playstation. What do people do when they get fed up with Playstation? Switch to Xbox. Without Xbox, this really delicate balance will be thrown out completely.

Once people begin to realize that the common conceptions about Nintendo, like this idea that all they put out are rehashes of old content, that will be it. People will gravitate to Nintendo platforms and start really pushing for titles like Destiny, Fifa, and other games to be ported to them. I’m already noticing people bugging Sega people for ports of games like Persona 5 and Yakuza 0… There is really no reason for them NOT to come to Switch, as both also have PS3 versions.






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