Nintendo is completely DESTROYING Pretendo complaints

We have seen an awful lot of people try and come out and pretend that the Switch was nothing to get excited about in the past couple of months, since it’s October reveal, but unlike the Wii U era absolutely none of these complaints are sticking. It really does feel like the people who are complaining about the Switch are only doing so to try and continue the narrative that Nintendo is out of touch.

In reality, that is not and never has been the case, and the rather clever way in which Nintendo is presenting their product really highlights that.  As Nintendo slowly trickles out more information about the Switch, we find more and more that the complaints that people tried to push the most don’t hold a whole lot of water.

For example, the complaints following the reveal in January about how there were ‘no games at launch.’ It was an obvious concern trolling attempt at acting as if there was no reason to get a Switch day one, but no one bought into it. And for good reason. Over the past few weeks, lots of developers came forward to announce day one games for the Switch. Snipperclips, World of Goo, Bomberman… the list goes on and on.

But then we get the inevitable whine. “I am not interested in those games.” Really? Is there REALLY nothing in that entire first month that you would be interested in trying?

Every time you see a new Switch game get announced, these people crawl out of the wood work to cry about how ‘It isn’t enough to justify getting an entire new system for.’ When all the games I previously talked about aren’t going anywhere. We see them trying to pretend Arms doesn’t look like great fun (It does, it’s probably my most anticipated Switch game so far) We see them pretending that the Switch is too expensive, that the online isn’t worth it, and… No one is REALLY buying it. No one really believes that these kinds of people are interested in the Switch. I think people in general have seen through the Switch criticisms as a whole and see them for what they really are… Nothing more than concern trolling from people who have nothing better to do than cry about Nintendo on the internet.

I think it’s obvious to the real fans as to WHY the Switch is an appealing console, and it’s inevitable success is going to reflect that. I don’t think crying about the size of the Joy Cons or the way the voice chat system works is really going to deter people from going out and picking one up. I think this whole fiasco of trying to make the Switch look bad proves one thing in particular: The complaints you see on message boards and the like are NOT indicative of a product’s popularity. I’ve long maintained that pretty much all gaming communities online are biased against Nintendo in some fashion, and this is just another example of that. The community simply does not CARE that the games look fun, or that the Switch is shaping up to be successful, or that it has lots of cool new features. What they care about is dismissing all of that and acting as if something about it is disappointing compared to what Playstation and Xbox are doing, no matter what it is. Switch already has a better launch line up than PS4 and Xbox One did, but these people don’t care. They never did.



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