Valve: “Modders absolutely need to be paid.”

Valve is really desperate to make paid mods a thing.

Don’t be fooled by their blustering about ‘rewarding’ the creators. Valve gets a cut of the profits as well, which is what they’re interested in.

They’ve been carefully testing the waters to try to find the best way to sell the idea to their audience, but absolutely no one is buying it. It says a lot about how people feel about the idea when Valve deliberately waited several months after the backlash to the initial announcement to let people cool down before talking about it again, and people were STILL outraged.

I’ll be honest: I think paid mods will kill a lot of interest people have in the modding community. Not all mods are good, and being forced to pay for every mod you want to try is going to turn off pretty much everyone. And I think this could really hurt Valve in the long run. A lot of games rely on mods to stay relevant. One of the first things Stardew Valley fans did was make a mod to make the girls more attractive. When people say something like Stardew Valley is ‘fun’they mean ‘They like fucking around with mods’ on it. The actual core game itself is pretty garbage, but it was able to hide that fact from it’s audience due to free mods.

Having those mods behind a paywall is absolutely going to kill games like it. “PC gaming has free mods!” Has been the general appeal to PC gamers for a long time now, and getting rid of that is going to really hurt them, and hurt them deeply.

We’re quickly reaching the point where Playstation, Xbox, and PC are pretty much indistinguishable from each other. Make no mistake, paying more for the same content is going to wear down PC users eventually. At this point, it’s a matter of when that is going to happen.





One thought on “Valve: “Modders absolutely need to be paid.””

  1. The days when mods used to be “cool levels made by fans for popular PC games like Doom, Half-Life and Quake” have unfortunately come to an end it seems.

    Oh and those console game modders can go to hell. Especially the ones trying to “restore” removed content in Nintendo’s RPGs and advocating piracy to use these “mods”.


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