No new releases? No problem!

There are two games that I really wanted to play this January. Yakuze 0 and Dragon Quest VIII. Yakuza 0, sadly, is out of my reach at the moment because I don’t own a PS4. But I am playing and reasonably enjoying Dragon Quest VIII as well.

However, there’s no denying that January was very slow for me this year. For the most part, I spent my free time playing old favorites, not new games.Donkey Kong Country, A Link to the Past, and Super Mario World are still a lot of fun, even after I have completely mastered all of them. I wish I had time to pop in Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country 2, and Yoshi’s Island as well, but I’m honestly having a lot of trouble finding the time to play a whole lot of games. Even relatively short games, like Severed, are taking me a while to get through because… well, I’m often very busy these days with other things.

Make no mistake, I am very happy with the way things are now. The Wii U is a great console that I will enjoy for years to come, and unlike a lot of other bigger bloggers and youTubers out there, I actually do other things with my life. I simply don’t have time to cry about how the Switch ‘only’ has two games at launch or how the PS4 is a ‘better’ purchase. I simply don’t care.

I think the obsessed gaming community online is reaching the point where they honestly can not understand what ‘normies’ want in a gaming console. To them, the fact that 1-2 Switch even exists is disgusting and is proof that Nintendo is losing their touch. I, however, see something I could honestly show off to friends who don’t really play video games at all.

We’re seeing people like DSP, who never really leaves the house, bitching about how the Switch is a terrible idea from the start. We’re seeing lardasses like Boogie and Jim Sterling crying about the focus on motion controls because they’re too fat to move around. We see people go from complaining about series like Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon getting too many sequels while bitching about how Metroid, Advance Wars, and F-Zero don’t get any at all.

Make no mistake: It’s the gaming community itself that’s out of touch with gaming, not Nintendo. While you cry about Matt from SuperBestFriends existing on shitty image boards, I’m actually playing video games. While you cry about the Switch being too expensive, I’m actually out making money so I can pay for it and other things I want. When you try and pretend that everything made after the NES is worthless (Looking at you, Malstrom!) It just makes me feel sad that you’re missing out.



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