Fat fuck Jim Sterling wants you to pirate Nintendo games!

Jim Sterling, I think, is quickly becoming one of my most hated personalities. Whenever I see this fat fuck trying to cry about Nintendo online, I always end up rolling my eyes at the sheer lengths he goes to to try and pretend Nintendo is doing something wrong.

Perhaps more so than any other professional in the industry, Jim Sterling tries to write off everything Nintendo does. And I do mean everything.

Oh, Arms uses motion controls? It’s not worth getting excited about! The Switch presentation was boring! Buy Horizon: Zero Dawn instead! Star Fox Zero is one of the worst games released this year, even though I will never release any actual footage of me playing it.

And that goes especially so when it comes to criticizing Nintendo’s policies regarding protecting their IP. Jim is probably one of the biggest ‘fair use’ shills in the industry right now. While Angry Joe typically only goes on a tirade against Nintendo when he tries and fails to upload a Nintendo related video due to not being part of their creator’s program, Jim has a tendency to make ludicrous statements to try and fan the flames and keep the ‘Nintendo is OUT OF TOUCH’ mindset going.

In reality, Nintendo is actually not all that different from any other company that tries to protect their IP. Seeing Jim go berserk at Nintendo taking down videos from content creators that don’t use their creator’s program while ignoring Sony taking down Horizon Zero Dawn videos going over how terrible the AI is is laughable. It really is only a problem when Nintendo does it.

This week Jim has taken it upon himself to take his trolling of Nintendo to the next level. Outright advocating for piracy of their content.

So while Jim is trying to damage control for Horizon Zero Dawn on twitter (By telling people to wait for the REAL reviews and not streams) he is telling people to go pirate Nintendo consoles for… not allowing youtubers to stream. The double standard really is amazing, once you realize the mind set he is in. It’s okay for Sony to actively censor negative feedback for their games by deleting compilations of AI failures and the like, but not okay for Nintendo to want to make money off of people covering their content and that we, the consumer, should punish them for it by stealing their crap.

If Sterling keeps this up, I strongly suspect he’s going to become the poster boy for Pretendo rhetoric. Everything Nintendo does is wrong just because I don’t like them.




2 thoughts on “Fat fuck Jim Sterling wants you to pirate Nintendo games!”

  1. Funny enough, back in late 2015, he decided to gain some sympathy points from gullible Nintendo fans (after spending every other time that year bashing Nintendo) by vehemently attacking censorshitters who were shitting on Xenoblade X just because Lin’s swimsuits were edited in localization (due to lolicon implications), giving it a high score just to stick it to them (much like how Polygon scored TMS a high score despite refusing to review Star Fox Zero earlier).

    This was of course a facade, since he immediately went back to shitting on Nintendo once Alison Rapp was dismissed from NOA for what she did during the promotion of Fates.

    And the fact that he tries to backtrack immediately at the end of the video by claiming he “honestly doesn’t endorce piracy” is just precious, considering that he used such a loaded clickbait description in the first place.


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