Dualshockers desperately tries damage controlling Zelda


We have been seeing a bit of a shift in the gaming sphere for the past several years. Ever since Skyrim and Dark Souls became popular in 2011, audiences have generally begun shifting away from the ‘cinematic experiences’ that Sony wanted to make. There are some exceptions, obviously, such as Bioshock Infinite or TLOU, but many other games that would have been hugely successful in 2008 aren’t really cutting it anymore.

However, corrupt  game journos are still promoting cinematic experiences as if there is still a real market for them. People like Jim Sterling and Dualshockers are constantly parading around titles like Horizon Zero Dawn as if they the paragon of game design and are must buy titles, only to typically be forgotten at the end of the year. At the start of the seventh generation, people fell for this kind of thing with Assassin’s Creed which led to constant milking of sequels that are only now starting to slow down. In the eighth gen, this business model is not nearly as sustainable because people are getting tired of buying games they don’t actually play or like.

I don’t think Horizon Zero Dawn will do nearly well, because the industry has moved on past that kind of development model. Horizon, from what I have seen, is very much the new Assassin’s Creed. It takes an interesting idea and setting, tries to use that to sell people on the game, and then has the player go through repetitive and dull tasks over and over again to progress through a very politically motivated story that’s not all that well told or interesting but covers topics that will guarantee support from the SJW community, which will lead to a defense force of white knights and perfect scores from game journos for the first couple of weeks after launch.


Jim Sterling Horizon Zero dawn stream.JPG

Looking at you, Jim.

Horizon is going to be completely forgotten in a matter of months. One of Playstation’s biggest exclusives ever is going to come out the same week as the Nintendo Switch, alongside a brand new Zelda game that is millions of times better than this. But people like Dualshockers are working really hard to try to keep people excited about Horizon, even though we already know that the game is severely underwhelming. Those who actually buy the game and play it for themselves will quickly come to agree with us. Horizon is not a mediocre game, let alone a stellar one.



One thought on “Dualshockers desperately tries damage controlling Zelda”

  1. And of course, DualShockers gives the game to another reviewer who gives a high score (and 10/10 in fact, making it objectively equal to Horizon to them) in order to stay on Nintendo’s good side even though Nuseppe talked shit about it (I bet he doesn’t believe it’s a 10/10 like the reviewer said).

    This was becoming a cycle it seems with Nintendo games on Dualshockers last year:
    1. Talk shit about the game in their articles, whether it’s through parroting untruths, nitpicks and/or for their localizations.
    2. Nuseppe shits on it on Disqus or Twitter and claims this is why Sony is better than Nintendo.
    3. Give the game to another reviewer who gives the game a high score in order to remain on Nintendo’s good side and keep getting review copies from them.
    3.5. If they whined about the localization in the articles, they dedicate paragraphs in their otherwise glowing reviews slamming the localization and/or censorship.
    4. Use an unrelated article about another fan service game or some other title as a way to slam Nintendo for something (like using Sonic Mania to slam Nintendo for their policies on fan games or a PS4 game to bash Nintendo for their localizations).
    5 Nuseppe give a highly glowing scores to games on Sony platforms (like praising that POS DOX3, FFXV and GalGun) confirming his bias against Nintendo.
    6. Repeat the whole damn process.

    Just look at their articles on Fire Emblem Fates for a very good example of this.


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