The Switch Success Story

Although we have no hard numbers yet, I think it’s safe to say that the dark age is over. Nintendo is back in the mainstream eye, with a release that far outclasses all of it’s competition, with several more releases on the way. All while PS4 struggles to have a single release this year. (Yakuza 0 doesn’t count because that really should have launched on PS3 when it first came out)

When the Elder Scrolls VI comes out, in 2020, it will be compared to Zelda, and people will laugh at it as a result. In fact, we may even see signs of this as early as Skyrim’s release on Switch, in which people who have played both will, generally speaking, far prefer Zelda due to it’s far more interesting combat and world design, which I will talk about in a future article. In short, I think the days of open world games getting layered with praise JUST for being open world games is over. The bar has been raised: Shit like The Witcher 3 won’t even land on people’s radars anymore because the gameplay is outdated. The demand for more creative open world games is going to rise after people are done with BOTW. Mario is going to do well. Xenoblade, I think, might actually have a shot at becoming a big deal in the future. Skyrim Switch, I think, will do well. The audience for these kinds of games is going to drift towards Switch.

However, the gaming media (Especially YouTubers) are trying really hard to downplay this, presumably for financial reasons. Seeing Angry Joe try and act as if Switch isn’t a ‘real’ console like Xbox One or PS4 is laughable because, as we know, the ¬†reason he isn’t covering their content in general isn’t due to a lack of interest. It’s because he won’t sign on to Nintendo’s creator’s program.

I believe most gaming journos are in the same boat as Joe, but just won’t come out and admit it the way he does. Game journos won’t make the same kind of money they are used to seeing by covering Nintendo products fairly due to the changes they have made to how they let people know about their products. The Switch actually updates itself to let you know what games are coming out on it, complete with trailers and the like. I saw a trailer for Xenoblade 2 when I first booted it up, for example. No IGN required.

My point is that I don’t believe game journos are going to start covering Nintendo content even after the massive success of the Switch. They are going to do exactly what they did with the Wii and try to damage control and justify it. Remember how the Wii was supposed to be a ‘secondary’ console the Xbox and Playstation, despite regularly outperforming both? The Switch is going to be hit with the same kind of stigma by these people.

Switch isn’t for hardcore games or casuals. It’s a console for people who like games. For everyone.



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