The Read a Book movement!

Following Horizon Zero Dawn’s launch and descent into irrelevancy, I began to notice that quite a few people came out in support of the game due to having an interesting story.

What they actually mean by this is that it has an interesting premise, which is completely different but neither here or there. The point is that too many people are coming out in support of titles just for trying to have a good story. To them, playing games is just a platform to go from cutscene to cutscene. Games like Mass Effect and The Witcher 3 are great examples of rather poor games that have a following just for having a story.

Which, of course, is not people should experience games. If all you want is a good story, then why not read a book? If a game has a good story, but mediocre gameplay, you would have a much better experience by simply removing the ‘game’ aspect entirely.

Enter the new movement I have started to try and reign these sort of people in. The Read a Book movement. In which I track down and find books with similar ideas than popular, upcoming triple A cinematic experiences. My first target is, of course, The Last of Us. Arguably the King of overhyped cinematic experiences, the title takes a number of influences from other works, which I believe will be far more interesting than the game itself. TLOU is certainly NOT the Citizen Kane of gaming iy’s fans liked to pretend it was when it first came out, and I am very excited to examine the story of this game in depth. With The Last of Us 2 on the horizon, it’s only a matter of time until the hype train revs up again to try and defend this game from people like me who refuse to see it as anything more than a generic zombie movie.


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