Highlighting Jim Sterling’s hypocrisy

The past day has been a thrilling one. Jim Sterling, in a desperate attempt to stay relevant, has come out and tried to damage control the success of Breath of the Wild. If you’ve been following him for any amount of time, as I have, this shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise. But I’m personally very pleased to see that the backlash towards his ‘review’ is still in full swing. People who have actually played the game for themselves aren’t accepting Jim’s retarded opinions as valid. Not only are the ;issues’ he brings up nitpicks and not all that detrimental to the game at all, he seems to have no problems with these game design choices when they’re not a Nintendo product.

Take his recent doubling down on his claim that the weapons in BOTW aren’t durable enough and that it really impacted his enjoyment of the game. This claim is laughable to anyone who has actually played the game and know how easy it is to Switch weapons out when they break and find new ones, but to Sterling it’s somehow justifies him giving it a 7… at least, in this game.

Apparently, Dead Rising 4, a game that he scored ONE POINT HIGHER and uses the same exact kind of durability system is perfectly fine. He doesn’t even make a passing reference to it in his review. Please keep in mind that unlike Zelda, which has been very commercially and critically successful, Dead Rising 4 was seen as being very disappointing all around.

Hmmm… I wonder why he’s taking it out on Breath of the Wild…?

Horizon vs Zelda

The whole Jim Sterling situation absolutely reeks of someone being a contrarian simply for the sake of being a contrarian. Seeing people LEAP to his defense simply for the sake of standing against those dang dirty Nintendo fanboys is just plain sad.




2 thoughts on “Highlighting Jim Sterling’s hypocrisy”

  1. This has only convinced me of just how flawed aggregate sites are when rating games, because you don’t know when some asshole or hipster is going to hate on something that the critical consensus likes. And the entire thing is flawed anyways since we’ve heard of how developers were denied bonuses because the rating wasn’t high enough and how this is used by fanboys as fodder for how this or that game is inferior, even by one single point.

    When Nintendo Power got some flak for having one of their 5 reviewers give OoT an 8 (while the others gave it close to 9.5-10), they had these wise words to say: “Side with the critics whose preferences match yours”


    1. Oh, there’s definitely a lot wrong with metacritic that really should be addressed. I think most people are going to consider BOTW one of the all time great games regardless of a couple of hackneyed reviews.


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