Jim Sterling reaches a new low

It’s not exactly a secret that Zelda fans (Or perhaps more accurately, Nintendo fans in general) aren’t exactly happy with Jim Sterling right now. I feel like he’s been trolling Nintendo fans for years with exceptionally poor reviews for very popular games. There was a period in 2015 and 2016 in which I regularly went on his blog and personally denounced him as a fraud. Recent events, however, have made me very interested in covering Sterling in much greater detail.

His apparent interest in slandering Nintendo fans is appalling and something that I think deserves to be called out. Jim, at the moment, is desperately flailing about, trying to justify the backlash towards his review as being the work of arrogant fanboys who have have never played an open world game before and not a genuine case of outrage over a critic who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

I’ve already addressed the complaints Jim has had toward the game, and like most other people, have downright laughed at them. It really does come off as if he’s desperate to find something to hate about the game in order to make Horizon look better. Like how he bitched about the towers in Zelda when he praised the (Far less interesting) ones in Horizon.

But now he’s taking his bullshit to the next level. Pretending that he’s being ‘harassed’ by immature Zelda fans who can’t handle a differing opinion. When in reality, I don’t think anyone did anything more than call him an idiot for giving such a great game a poor score for no reason. I myself, one of the most hostile Nintendo fans on the internet right now, didn’t really do anything at all besides leave a couple of mean comments on his shitty blog.

I think what Jim is doing is really indicative of what kind of audience he is appealing to these days.

Jim Sterling's audience

The entire comments section is filled with bizarre rants about how gamers are toxic for standing up to a retard who made a really terrible review. I think this really gives credence to my theory that we are, increasingly so, seeing a divide between actual fans of video games (Nintendo fans) and people who want to use video games for power. (Youtubers, politically motivated SJWs, game journos, and other related scum) Sterling, in playing the victim, is appealing to the same sort of SJW cultists that mindlessly donated to Feminist Frequency and Quinn. There’s a good reason these people constantly bring up Gamergate. They are still salty they lost.

It’ll be interesting to see how this situation evolves in the future. I’ve been noticing that Sony games in general are becoming increasingly SJW in a market that is increasingly treating that world view as being toxic. I strongly doubt that the PR claims issued by Sony that Horizon is doing really well are true. That game had no momentum at launch, and no one seems to be talking about it now after release. Horizon is very much the Battleborn to Nintendo’s Overwatch, if not more so.

People, at least, talk about Battleborn.



One thought on “Jim Sterling reaches a new low”

  1. The only major Nintendo games I’ve seen him give good reviews for recently were Kirby games (because who doesn’t like Kirby lol?), Hyrule Warriors, because he gives these games high scores in order to troll review outlets who bash Warriors games regularly, and Xenoblade X in order to stick to the censorshitters who were attacking him for defending the localization (and he believed that GGers and censorshitters were all the same).

    He basically changes targets at the best opportunity he sees. So when he’s attacked by GGers and censorshitters he stopped focusing on shitting on Nintendo (giving SSB4, Splatoon and Super Mario Maker fair shakes) and then changes gears shortly after he stops getting attacked by them and goes back to shitting on them once more (Star Fox, Switch reveal, BOTW, Creator’s Program). Notice how he rarely gave good reviews to in-house developed Nintendo games in the past year.


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