After my completion of Breath of the Wild last night, it only seemed right to come right back and finish playing a bunch of Wii U games I own but have never finished. Believe me, I still have a ton of titles to get through. But the first I’ve completed, post Switch release, is an indie game by the name of Severed.

I don’t think I’ve been so enamored with a game’s atmosphere since Killer7, and considering I named this blog after that game, that is indeed saying something. Severed has some of the best art direction in any game I’ve ever seen. The creatures in this game are downright abominable, hellish things that really creep you out. And yet the game never explains what these things actually are.

This kind of abstract design is really appealing to me, and I think it’s up and away the game’s strongest point. The atmosphere is very much unlike any other game I’ve ever played. As I said, it strongly reminds me of Killer7 presentation wise due to it’s odd colors, bizarre character designs, and abstract story.

The gameplay, however, is something else entirely. Severed is a first person exploration game with hack and slash touch screen combat. It is, in my opinion, one of the absolute best uses for the Wii U gamepad I think I’ve seen. Each enemy requires precise swipes to take out, and soon you will find yourself fighting large groups at once. It does feel a tiny bit tedious once new enemy types stop appearing, but each enemy is completely different and require different attacks to take out. And as I mentioned above, each of them are quite disturbing. The Mushroom things in particular stand out to me as being especially creepy.

After this game and Guacamelee, both of which I absolutely ADORED, DrinkBox Studios is probably one of my favorite indie companies, perhaps even more so than the SteamWorld guys. I highly suggest you check this title out if you’re a fan of unique indie games.


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