RIP Game Journos

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It seems like Nintendo has taken the next big step to conquering the corrupt game journalism industry, who are desperately trying to subvert them at every turn. The ‘news’ icon on the Nintendo Switch home menu is an absolutely brilliant idea that has, in essence, completely destroyed all reason for game journalists to exist.

The Nintendo Directs, although a great way to deal with stay out of huge conferences at E3, still occasionally fell victim to the sad fact that big announcements were quickly written off as ‘not good enough’ by Pretendos in order to pretend that there weren’t enough games to play. Take my personal favorite example, E3 2015. It was a great show that showed off a ton of great games for Wii U and 3DS, but people ignored all that to instead praise Sony’s conference for showing off The Last Guardian (Flop) No Man’s Sky (Flop) And Horizon Zero Dawn (Flop)

Game journalists have been trying their hardest to downplay how exciting Nintendo’s new titles are for years now. This is really nothing new and has likely been going on since the Sega era. We’ve seen countless examples of game journos trying to justify giving Nintendo titles low scores while hyping up absolute shit from other companies. Take Codename S.T.E.A.M, the last game Nintendo set aside a traditional press conference for. An interesting, unique, hardcore new IP… that was promptly shit on by the gaming press, for no real reason. There is a good reason Nintendo wants to start advertising to their audience directly, while cutting out the traditional gaming press as much as possible. These mother fuckers are corrupt, and  Nintendo knows this.

Take, for example, the recently exposed ‘fake news’ about the Joy-Cons they tried to push pre launch. We were told that there was a SERIOUS LAUNCH DEFECT that made the controllers pretty much unusable. And what comes of it? Nothing. Nintendo is fixing the few controllers that have this issue by sticking a piece of foam in them. Really. I think I heard that less than 1% of Joy-cons had this issue. If you had listened to the gaming press, you would have thought that Nintendo CLEARLY RUSHED THE CONSOLE OUT TO MARKET BEFORE IT WAS READY.

It’s stunts like that that really show just how worthless game journos are today. They do more than praise products they are paid to cover. They outright try to ruin brands and companies that go against what they think they should be doing. Game journos are a joke. At this point, if you don’t agree, you clearly don’t know what these people are like.


Nintendo creating their own outlet to talk about THEIR games that would be outright IGNORED by game journalists, like Snipperclips, is a fantastic idea and one that I strongly support.


2 thoughts on “RIP Game Journos”

  1. While I think this is a great idea as well, in a sense it is just preaching to the choir.

    Sure, it is great for people who already have a switch, but most likely the corrupt journos will double down on their shilling to shy as most people as they can away from the switch.

    I do hope Nintendo makes better use of the honest journos that are on their side (as their are indeed some)


    1. The Switch is already a success. I feel as if most corrupt gaming journos and YouTubers are having a VERY hard time trying to do that because the console has very real momentum this time.

      I think the ‘doubling down’ as you put it, is only going to make more and more people realize that the gaming journalism industry is corrupt. People aren’t going to believe game journalists whining about how there ‘are no games’ on Switch when Nintendo is regularly advertising upcoming releases through the news service.


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