The Power of HD Rumble!

Now that I’m finally at the point where I can actually try real Nintendo Switch games without getting distracted by Breath of the Wild (At least, not to the same extent I was last week) I have finally been able to move on to titles with actual Nintendo Switch features. In short, I finally had the chance to sample HD Rumble for myself. And, of course, I came away impressed.

HD Rumble very much does feel like an improved rumble system, as it can have a variety of effects on the controller. Charging up your laser in Blaster Master feels different than what a traditional rumble would feel like. It’s quite thrilling, in it’s own way. I’ve actually jumped, more than once, when I accidently bomb myself in Bomberman, as the controller sort of JOLTS in your hand. It’s a very different sort of feeling than what people are used to, and I’m very interesting in how Nintendo can use this to effect upcoming Switch exclusives. Arms in particular, I think, will have some unique uses for it.


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