Love it or Hate it: Project X Zone 2

It’s remarkable how much I genuinely despise this game in some ways, but love it in others. This game brings out a lot of strong feelings in me and despite it’s virtues, I feel as if I have to come out and talk about this game more in depth.

I fucking hate this game as an actual game. But I love it because of how well the game handles all these characters story wise.

I said when this first came out that I actually preferred this game to Fire Emblem Fates because the characters were actually interesting and had a lot of thought put into they fit into the story. There is no real protagonist in Project X Zone 2. Everyone sort of has their own sort of role to play in the plot, and each of them are handled with incredible care. It’s amazing to me how characters I have actively criticized in the past, like Dante or the Street Fighter cast, are genuinely likable and interesting in this game despite still being in character. And there have been cases of me discovering new franchises that I’ve never really heard of before. Most prominently among this is Yakuza, which I’ve fallen in love with in the past year, and Sakura Wars… something that I’m interested in trying out soon because the characters are just so likable. Learning more about the rough history of some famous characters that I’ve never really been exposed to, like Ryo from Shenmue or the Tekken protagonists has been really interesting to me. It’s kind of amazing to me that there are still characters and games that I don’t have much experience with considering my rather extensive collection. I think I am considerably younger than most serious collectors out there, so I feel as if I’m more focused on rounding out my Xbox/Gamecube/N64/Playstation 1 and 2/Wii collections more than ‘Retro’ stuff, at least at the moment. That isn’t to say that I don’t LIKE old stuff. SNES is probably my favorite console ever. It’s just not practical for me to go after really expensive stuff like that at the moment, especially since I own the upper crust of classics on other consoles anyway. But Project X Zone 2 really made me care about these classic characters and doing that in a single release is INCREDIBLY difficult to do.

But despite all that, Project X Zone 2 has a single, crippling flaw. It simply isn’t very much fun to play.

This is, of course, a huge problem that really makes me unwilling to recommend this game to anyone, in spite of it’s positive qualities. If a game isn’t fun to play, it’s next to worthless in my mind. And I think that Project X Zone 2, as a whole, skirts the line far too much for me to come out and recommend people to go play it. But at the same time, I really do like the game for certain things it did and acknowledge those qualities.





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