Getting hooked on Dragon Quest VIII!

It’s been a long time since I made a post about what I think of Dragon Quest. Maybe over three months. Wow! For a while there, I felt like I was doing nothing but talk about Dragon Quest VII and what I thought of it. And for good reason. Dragon Quest VII is a very long, fairly tedious game. Despite my issues with it, however, I came away with very positive impressions and immediately bought Dragon Quest VIII.

Which I did not play much at all until recently, due to all the games I was playing at the time it came out in January. I was still burned out from my romp across time, and although I definitely saw VIII as an experience not to be missed, it wasn’t a title I was thrilled to play all that much of right away.

Now that a little time has passed, I’ve finally gotten back into the game, and truth be told I’m having trouble putting it down. The series, as I know understand, is essentially the quintessential JRPG franchise. It is basic, it is rather simple in execution, but it works. Very well, in fact. I find myself really enjoying the premise and events of the game, in spite of it’s simplicity compared to other titles like it.

My only real problem with the game? I miss some of the more unique aspects of DQVII. Having actual conversations with your party about what was going on felt really natural and unique to me. VIII’s conversation mechanic isn’t QUITE as good, in my opinion, because it’s just sort of there to point you to where you need to go. There’s nothing quite like Maribel shitting on everyone around her for not living up to her standards, and I kind of miss that.

In all honesty, my general complaint with VIII so far is that I don’t feel nearly as invested in what’s happening in the world. VII, despite all it’s problems, really made you care about what was going on in each island you found yourself in, and that’s one of the big reasons as to why the game was so great to me.



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