No motion controls for Old Men

Ever since the Wii popularized motion controls in 2006, you have had people trying to write them off as gimmicky. At the time, it was a pretty blatant attempt at trying to justify owning a PS360 at a time when the Wii was dominating. It has, however, evolved into something more than that. There is now a group of 30+ year old men who absolutely refuse to touch a game with any kind of motion controls. It was this group that dominated the discussion of Star Fox Zero and tried to pretend the innovative control scheme simply did not work, when in reality it was incredibly immersive and unique.

And now we’re seeing the same people trying to hate on ARMS for the same reason. However, the situation has changed this time. Nintendo is ALLOWING you to use a traditional control scheme… however, no one serious about the game is going to fucking bother with it, as the motion controls are pretty blatantly going to be a lot better for the title. The devs have already stated as much, that the game WAS built around the motion controls and hat a lot of the game’s depth comes from them.

The option for the more traditional controls, in short, are clearly for amateurish, unskilled players who just want to learn the basics of how the game works, before moving onto the superior motion control scheme.

I remember how, before the Switch was revealed, people were crowing about how Wii was not a ‘real’ revolution because motion controls were no longer being used by any of the big companies. ARMS, however, shows that Nintendo is doing a lot MORE then simply improving motion controls. They are integrating them in such a way that even people who claim to loathe them can overlook the fact that they are there. Look at the people who started praising the fact that BOTW didn’t feature motion controls. It actually does, it is just done really subtly and not in a way that people find all that intrusive.

So yes, to all of these old men who hate motion controls. Boogie2988, Ian from the CUPodcast, Jim Sterling, Cinemassacre… no one cares what you think. Motion controls aren’t going anywhere.



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